Motion detection motion clear with cameras

Motion detection in living room . Turn lights on
Motion clear on living room , turn lights off .
Select time. From 9pm to 8Am

Not sure what you are asking, but I’ll take a guess and say you are asking how to command a light to go off when motion is clear on a camera. There is currently no ‘when motion is clear’ command to use, so you need to create a separate device trigger that turns the light off after x minutes (I usually use 1 minute for a signal light).

If you are using the Beta app you can set a range of time for the trigger to be active. If not, you’ll need to wait for that app to be released to the general public.

Here is the process for the current production app. Just substitute ‘Bulb’ for ‘Plug’ if you are using a Wyze Bulb and not a Plug:

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Just to add if they are using a camera to detect the motion set the light to go off before the cool down period ends or the light going off will be detected as motion thereby starting an endless loop.


Yes. Of course all this is written as though they are using a camera, which is what the subject says.

If you use a sense motion sensor instead of a camera, then that has a ‘has been clear for’ setting for device triggers. Then no matter if you are trying to scare a burglar away or just want the lights to come on when you enter the living room, you can set that value anywhere from one minute to one day. So it might turn the light off after being clear for 5 minutes for a burglar, and after many minutes if you are just trying to automatically turn on the lights when you enter the room. Many minutes because the sensor will clear if you sit still, and leaving you sitting in the dark.

In any case, you will need the Beta app if you want to schedule this trigger.

But we are making many assumptions here. It would be best if @frankjoel24 provided more details.


There actually is a trigger for “motion clear” in the beta app now. And the wide-release version of the app is supposed to be out within the next few hours, so I assume it will be included. :slight_smile:

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