Turn wyze plug on with motion and off without motion

I have a lamp plugged into a Wyze plug. I’d like to turn the cam on when motion is detected and off after a set period of time of no motion. Can I do this a Wyze cam or a Wyze sensor? How can I accomplish this?

For clarity, do you have a lamp or a cam connected to a Wyze plug?

Either way, you can create a rule (Device Trigger) in the app that causes the lamp/cam to turn on when motion is detected. If you’re using a camera, your best bet is to have the plug on, and the camera turned off via the app, otherwise the boot up lag is pretty substantial. Within that same rule you can tell it to start recording.

Make a second rule that turns off the lamp/cam after motion is clear for the desired amount of time.

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So I mis communicated my question I’ll have the lamp plugged into a Wyze plug. I want to create the trigger to turn lamp on when motion detected and then turn lamp off after a period of no motion.
I do have a Wyze cam. Im not interested in recording video in the room, i’d guess i could use it as a motion detector. And as I type this i just remembered Wyze sells a motion detector. I may have just answered my own question.
I will look at making a rule within the app.

If you just create a device trigger to turn on that plug when motion is detected, and then another rule to turn off the lamp after either a certain period of time or after motion has cleared for a certain period of time, you should be all set!