WCO Motion Detection Triggers/Event Recordings

I know this has come up a bunch on here, but figured I’d throw my experience out there and see if anyone had any suggestions. I’m leaning towards just having caught a dud, but, let me know what y’all think (I have already submitted a ticket as of 8/10 but have not currently heard back, looking to RMA).

Setup base and WCO 8/8 with the intent to install 8/9. Noticed after setting up that stuff I was having legit issues getting it to capture any sort of motion triggered events, looking back, it appears the only time motion triggered events were recorded that night were when I picked up the WCO and moved it’s location to another table or counter, etc. I didn’t think much of this at the time and went ahead and installed the mount outside, roughly 20 feet from the router inside, upside down on the (rotated image, green detection zone is covering area required, etc. etc.) only time a motion trigger/event recorded during this was when I removed the camera from the mount to turn it on/off - only one out of the several times I had the camera handled and moved/reinstalled it (was on for the duration of this). I left the WCO installed for roughly 24hrs, received no motion triggers/event recordings despite numerous would-be events occurring within the designated PIR sensor area (danced several jigs in front of it, neighbors probably have some thoughts on that). I tried this both without SD cards in the camera and base and with, neither seemed to make a difference. I did not bother with a scheduled recording or anything else as the primary need is the motion events. On 8/10 in the evening I removed it from the mount and brought it back inside, taking it down from the mount triggered an motion event. I played around it for about an hour inside, the only time it would trigger motion events/recordings was when I made physical contact with the front of the camera (PIR sensor area, sort of rubbing it like you’d rub a magic lamp), this triggered several events, but not with any real consistency, often it would take several seconds of this to get it to wake-up/trigger an event.

I also tried resetting the base and deleting/adding the WCO back again (same results), I realize you cannot factory reset the WCO itself. I’ve kept the unit on since bringing it in the house in a regularly trafficked area, but no events since the aforementioned stuff. Have messed with all the close/far + image sensitivity settings as well, nothing seems to make a difference.So, yeah, that’s my story…I’m thinking a hardware issue with the unit/PIR sensor, but, yeah, any thoughts on the matter would be welcome.

Thought I’ve read this somewhere on the forums before but is there a contact number to go through to try and resolve this quicker? I’ve heard people mentioning through the app “chat” but that only seems to take me to the site to fill out and submit a ticket, which I have done. Cheers.

yup sounds familiar sadly, join the club :confused:

Wyze Customer Support 1 (844) 999-3226 or (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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I experience the same. Please let me know what you find out.

Thank you, Flying

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I still can’t get any motion events

Agree same problem here I entered a ticket before I found this support for him with of the same issues looking forward to some resolution

This same problem is appearing under several forum headings. Apparently this is a wide spread problem. One user seems to have solved the problem by downloading firmware in a zip file and rebooting his WCO.
Sorry this is from a previous post and may be redundant"