Scheduling frustrations!

So I have had no issues whatsoever with two contact sensors and a pan cam in the office. However, this morning I noticed that my sensors have been offline since Oct. 2. I realized that I needed to do a firmware upgrade on my cam so that fixed everything… or so I thought. For some reason my scheduling is now out of whack and I get notifications every time the doors open and close. (I have them scheduled to notify me only after/before business hours). So I notice that under notifications I have it set to notify when door opens and shuts and then also have my schedule set for after/before business hours. Is this redundant? Do I uncheck the notifications open/closed and leave the schedule turned on? So confused! I have another system set up at a farm house but I just use a shortcut to arm and disarm as we are not there all the time. (4) cams, (3) motion sensors and (4) contact sensors and it all works great-but it is simply armed and disarmed.

In order for me to, I think, accomplish what you are trying to do I needed to use a combination of a Device Trigger and a Schedule.

My Device Trigger

Then I apply the following schedule.