Notification of window left open at certain time

Is there a way to create a rule that would notify me if a window was open at 8pm? Sometimes we open windows for the day but forget to close them at night. This would help.

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Are you talking about the contact sensors ?

I believe they will notify you if they’ve been opened or close …

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Welcome to the User Community Forum @jlm0720851!

Yes, there are two ways of doing this. Both have some drawbacks.

OPTION 1 - You would loose notifications for the device when outside the schedule:

Go into your notification settings for the contact sensor and toggle on Send Notifications & Is Left Open (opens\closes also if you like), then set the duration time for the window to be open before the notification is sent:

Then create a Schedule Rule that would turn on notifications for that sensor between the set hours of your schedule:

During those hours, you will get a push notification if the window has been opened longer than the duration you set.

One drawback here: all notifications for the sensor will be off outside the schedule you set in the rule.

OPTION 2: Get creative as to how you get the Notification:

The Contact Sensor does not have the ability to initiate its own notification action within the confines of a rule. Only within its own settings.

To do this option, which allows you to have your sensor notifications for open\close on all the time, you need to use another device that can be activated by a Device Trigger Rule to send a notification.

I used a CamV3 for my action in the Device Trigger Rule rule with Time Constraints:

When the window is open between 5 and 7 PM for more than a minute, it tells the cam to upload a video.

The video upload then sends me a “Smart Alert” notification. I know that it is because of the window because it is a Smart Alert and not an AI notification or a motion notification.

You can also have the cam activate the siren as well if you want (scare somebody!).

The rule can trigger any action that you like, it doesn’t have to be a cam: turn on a plug, turn on a light, etc. But, that action has to have the ability to initiate a push notification when triggered.

I did try a 3rd option, setting a Device Trigger Rule to turn on the sensor notifications if the sensor was left open for X minutes during Y to Z time, but it did not return any notification when the sensor was already opened prior to that schedule. It only worked when the sensor was opened during the schedule

Hope this helps!


Hey Rulwiz,
Thanks for the reply. The box says Wyze Entry Sensor v2. Not sure if that is what you mean by contact sensor?
I do get the notification when the window is opened or closed when the event happens.
I may open the window in the morning and leave it open all day and forget to close it before we go to bed. That is what I would like to create a rule to catch


Yes , @SlabSlayer was able to give a detailed response as to how you could be able to set that up . Give it a look


Hey SlabSlayer,
Thanks for the reply and options. I like options 2 so will try to implement that!


A follow-up question. How does it know the video to upload? Where do I set that?
I like the one you showed pointing to the open window:)

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All you have to do is pick the cam in the Action block of the rule and click the Upload a short video.

The video uploaded will be 12 seconds from the exact time the rule initiates to 12 seconds later. It records it and uploads it when the rule triggers.

I used that window for the test because I knew it was in frame. I then edited the notification thumbnail and wrote on it before I posted it.

Just make sure notifications are on for that cam. The video will be in your Events tab.


I have contact sensors on my refrigerators that, if left open for greater than 3 minutes, triggers two Wyze Light Bulbs in a Ceiling Fan to Flash Red 5 times, then remain Red until the Refrigerator Door is closed.

Other rules… using my Wyze Lights, flash a Wyze Light 5 times (blue), then remain blue at 1% brightness while my Wyze Sprinkler is watering a zone

If my garage door is left open for greater than 5 minutes after 8pm… I have multiple lights throughout the house notify me that the garage door is open (an Entry Sensor is on the garage door)

So, if you have a Wyze color light in the mix, you could use that for a visual indication.