Hello - Not sure if I am missing it, or if the functionality doesn’t exist and I need to do a FR… What I would like to do seems simple, to me, in theory, though not with the current functionality. Seems in the current state, it is only single IF/THEN statements.

I have two bulbs in the living room, sensors on all exterior doors. I would love for those bulbs to turn on anytime one of the doors is opened, but only at night. So, If, between hours of 8pm-8am, a sensor opens, then turn on living room lights, turn off after 10 minutes.

Also, I would love to have those lights turn on every day at 7:30 pm, to 100% brightness, then dim to 50% at 9:15. As it sits now, I have to create this in two shortcuts.

Lastly, I would love to have notifications on doors ONLY after a certain time. For example, I have a contact sensor on my garage door, occasionally the kids leave it open getting bikes in/out. I don’t care if its open all day, but not overnight. I would love to get a notification if its been open longer than a minute or two, but ONLY after say 9pm - Before that, I don’t care, and if they open it earlier, once I get the notification, that doesn’t help me remember to close it before I go to sleep.

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