Set schedule for Office Hours

I have a Camv2 & would like to get (Andriod) notifications when the office is “Closed” Fri 5:05pm until 8:55am on Monday.
I’ve spent almost 2 hours on chat with “Customer Support” & none of them have been able to help me with this. (One was VERRY helpful in getting my app/camera updated)

During working hours, I don’t want notifications M-F 9-5pm. I even tried to set a schedule just to turn the camera off during those hours & it’s not working.
Please help.

  • NO Notifications M-F 9-5pm
  • ALLLLLLLL the Notifications F 5:00pm - Monday 9:00am
    I’m not tech savvy & unsure if this is where I’m supposed to ask for help, or not!
    Thank you!