Siren > Device Trigger Rule > needs Notification Sent, Recording marked and should Ring or Siren on your phone

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Your just talking about the siren onboard the V3 here right? The siren activation within rules is only a “rule action”, and needs a “rule trigger” to occur for it to activate. “Person detected” is an trigger. How would using the siren, which is only an action which is in response to something else, cause there to be no false triggers?

The siren is just a feature and function of the V3, the rest of the above comment is I believe current functionality within the app except for the email/SMS notification.

  • it should awaken the End User

Do you want the siren on the v3 to wake up the user or some other process on the phone? Achieving this is user dependent as some may hear the siren sounds from wherever the V3 is to needing their phone or device near them with the app to have some unique notification. This is where the custom notification wishlist topic could come into play. With custom notifications the “person detection” notification (since person detection is the initial trigger here) could be set to what ever would “wake up” the user, or just use the current notification system and sounds to wake up the user.

  • have easy access to the information that created the alarm, easy access to the video (the proof), and a record such as an email (or SMS, too) that can be forwarded to the authorities should the need arise. All this should be done in-house

The V3 has settings to send in app push notifications for “person detected”. Since you have person detection on the camera, that means that you have either CamPlusLite or CamPlus on the camera. Each would upload a clip of the detected and recognized event to the cloud and when you click the in app push notification mentioned earlier, that would bring you to the event clip that has on screen buttons for “share” and “download”. Clicking the share button on the event clip brings up several choices to send the clip on like sms text, email, etc, and the download allows you to save the clip to your device. How could that process be easier or improved? This is a current in-house feature and function.

The “share” function doesn’t automatically send on the event notification, you do that manually when viewing an event. That’s where these SMS Wishlist and email wishlist come into play to automatically send on the notifications via those methods.

The siren does not, but to activate the siren via a triggered rule you create, that event that you are using for your “trigger” (ex person detection) does create its own alert and notification via the device settings. Those are the notifications that the wishlist applies to. So in your own use case:

If you go into your V3 device settings and enable notifications, you will receive the in app push notifications mentioned above with the link to the event clip that you can easily send off or save. The triggered rule with the “activate siren” is supplemental to the notification which would be already occurring if enabled.

As stated above, by enabling notifications within your device settings, you will get an in app push notification with the event details, what’s detected, a thumbnail, what camera, and by clicking will bring you to the event clip. That will show you what is actively triggering your alarm automatically when the event is detected.

In response to your newly submitted wishlist item, that is as follows:

Add Siren Activation to the notifications list in the Cam Settings. Currently, Sirens are not part of Notifications so they cannot send emails or be part of the Detect AI Events list or be acted upon at all.

In the Add more actions to Rules wishlist, there was many mentions of creating custom notification messages, this was added to the list:

If implemented this could be added to this:

for an easy in house answer if created. And since you mentioned emails again, here is the link to the email notification wishlist since that is not current functionality.

The newly submitted wishlist item is now live.