Unique Notification Tones

I am a new user/subscriber. Just set up my full Starter Kit on 4/5/20. I would like to know if there is a way to assign a unique notification sound to my Wyze alerts. The current alert notifications are blending in with my other notifications such as email or other standard notifications
I want to assign a specific alert tone to create an urgency to check my phone as opposed to ignoring the notification tone thinking it’s just an email. I am using an IPhone 11 Max. Thanks for your help! Michael

Not on an iPhone. Unless you jailbreak it. On Android there are some workarounds I have heard mentioned here.

Hello @maxmphmike8 and welcome to the community.

There is a #wishlist request for what you are looking for that I have linked below. You will want to place your vote in the upper left. I have also linked some instructions so you can learn how the #wishlist and #roadmap work.

Search Wishlist (enter your search word/s after #wishlist in the search box)
Search Roadmap (enter your search word/s after #roadmap in the search box)

You can also read through How to Use the Wishlist and How to Read the Roadmap.


Greetings Jason!
Thanks for the reply and information.

I will check out the wish list and place my vote.

My Ring device offers the unique notification sound feature, I hope Wyze will adopt as well.

Regards, Michael


Thanks for the reply!
Glad there is a wish list for my inquiry.
Regards, Michael

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Closing this topic in lieu of the #wishlist request, Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications. Please continue the discussion in that topic. :slight_smile: