Android users , here is a Notification sound I made

I just thought I would share this new Notification sound I made, Alien voice says Wyze Cam
Click the three dots to download if ya like


How’d you install this? I’m iOS so I think I can’t

I’m all Android .
As far as I know IOS is not Capable of Setting up Separate Sounds for apps .
Bummer I know , That’s why many people Have been requesting the wyze team To have A special Notification sound

quite alien…

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I was using this one, I didn’t make it , I just cut it , To make it shorter .

Apps can have custom notification sounds in iOS, but they have to be programmed in the app’s code and cannot be user-set otherwise:

There is a Roadmap post on this here:

So, iOS users… go on over there and VOTE!


I really need a special notification sound for motion sensors. Dad has dementia and would be so helpful to know if he is trying to leave the house


My Android Phone OnePlus Pro 7 OS 10

To change the Notification sound for Wyze

Click on Settings Icon>Apps and Notifications>Notifications>Wyze>Advanced (Drop down arrow menu)>WyzeNormal>Advanced>Sound

From here you can choose (tick the circle) from Android’s various sounds: Allusion Amiable, Blare, etc OR better yet Choose (tick the circle) “Ringtone from internal storage”
Where you can place your own recording in .wav, mp3 format etc. Using the built in app “recorder” you can record a sound or in my case record your own voice saying “sensor activated”, etc


EDIT: Credit to BAM Forum Maven Aug 22
His Post: How to get Individual camera notifications ( workaround)

You can use the Android App “Lightflow Legacy” from the app store.

The Notification light feature will NOT work on my Android phone, But the Sound setting will !
I can now set individual sounds for each contact sensor, motion sensor and camera notifications !

I recorded my own voice saying… “Hall motion”, “Mailbox”, “Front Porch Person”, etc.



For some reason, I cannot find Apps and Notifications under setup. :thinking:

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Those are settings found on your android phone, not the Wyze app


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Guess I will.have to wait for the wishlist. I don’t see this option in Android 9.

If you are running Android version 9 it does work .
Set like this
Go to settings > notifications > scroll down and tap wyze then > wyze normal > then sound , And select what sound you want .

FYI You can do this on Android version 8 And version 9 But not on version 7 or lower

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Thanks @HDRock. I see that you can change the one default sound, but I was greedy and looking to have different sounds for each camera.

I still like this option of changing the default.

Oh I see , outa luck there.
When you have more than one brand of camera it works out good for that, so you can have different sound for each brand

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@hdrock @ssummerlin

Did you not investigate the “lightflow legacy” app from the google play store ?

I have individual sounds for EACH Wyse Sensor and Camera. I recorded my own voice for the notifications and placed them in the music folder using ES Explorer (or similar app)

The notifications say… “Hallway Motion” “Mailbox Open” “Front Camera Motion”
or whatever you want to record.



I guess I should clarify , you’re out of luck if trying to do it with the wyze app only.
I am aware of the work around


Yes, for sure with wyze… hopefully in the future…


You can vote for it here

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Thank you for your help, I have an iPhone but is there any way to set up different notifications for motion sensors and just cameras?