New Wyze notification sound went away (was: "Notification Sound Changed")

Earlier, and I don’t remember when or how, I had updated the Wyze app on my Android phone and got the new alert tone. All good, I like the new tone, it distinguishes Wyze alerts from everything else and that’s helpful.

This morning I updated the app again thru Google Play Store. Now it reverts to the old system chime like everyone else uses. If I go to Account->Notifications->Push Notifications->Sounds, I see that I can set it to System Default or Wyze Sound.

System Default is the chime that everyone else uses.

Wyze Sound is… NOTHING, no sound at all.

How can I get the Wyze new notification sound back?

Current app version, that I got when I updated from Google Play Store, is 2.41.5.

I just want to get back to where I was before I did this morning’s update from Google Play Store.

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There was a new release (2.41.5) that allows users to use the device default notification sound or the Wyze notification sound. Release Notes can be found here

The setting can be found in the Wyze App under
Account>Notifications>Push Notifications>Sounds

The app install is defaulting to the System Default, if you select Wyze Sound you should be back to where you were before this update.

Information can also be found here in the Knowledge Base


(Actually 2.41.5…)

Right, that’s the one I upgraded to this morning, and when I select the Wyze notification sound I get no sound at all.

Prior to doing this morning’s upgrade I was running 2.41.0(38) and the Wyze notification sound worked fine. So it’s not like the phone isn’t capable of playing it.

Whoops… FFed it. Thank You

And yes… Thank you if I misunderstood. I just tested this and seeing the same thing.
When setting the Wyze Sound in the settings there is no audible notification, when setting the default sound there is.

I am seeing this on a Pixel 6 with Android 13
Wyze App Version 2.41.5
Log ID: 1021941
My initial troubleshooting included clearing the app cache and restarting the phone. This did not resolve the issue.

The setting is working properly on iOS.

@epnh if you could submit a log and post it here as well I will see if I can get eyes on this.


Reporting this to the team now, anyone experiencing this please send in a log and give me the log number here.


I have little to no idea how to do that.

I went to Wyze Support->Submit a Log->Wyze App and Services->Notifications and get a mostly blank screen with “Submit a Log” and “Send log files” and a greyed-out Submit button that does nothing (because it’s greyed out). It looks like it might want me to type in a description of the problem but I’ll be all day and half the night doing that with the near-useless little popup keyboard I get for text entry. No way to select the log file(s) to send.

Also I have no idea how to post it here.

Oh, just post the log number here? OK I can do that if I figure out how to send the log and get the log number.

To send a log go to Account (lower right) → Wyze Support → Submit a Log


OK, I guess I did that, hopefully I got it right, log number is 1021955. Please let me know if you received it and if I did it right.


The log number sounds good, I do not actually see them, I pass the number on to the engineers so they can look at it. Thank you.


@R.Good @epnh
Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and see if that fixes it?


Now it sounds the system default chime no matter which one I select in Notifications->Push Notifications->Sounds.

@epnh Is that after reinstalling?

Correct, after reinstalling.

@epnh What type of device do you have.

Motorola E5 Play, Android 8.0.0.

(Yeah I know that’s pretty old but this phone won’t let me upgrade Android to anything newer.)

Thank you for the info, I passed it up to the team.

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@epnh out of curiosity were you on the beta app before updating to 2.41.5?

I believe I was on 2.41.0(38). I don’t think I was on the beta, at least not to my knowledge. I’m trying to remember exactly how I did the upgrade but it’s slipped my mind. I’m pretty sure it was in response to some intructions I found here but now I can’t find it.

I’m not on the beta test team (as far as I know).

Actually now that I think of it, once when I started the app I believe I may have gotten a popup asking if I wanted to upgrade. Does that make sense?

Thank you, if you are not signed up for Beta you would not have had the beat app. Appreciate the info!