Sound alert changed in beta

With teh last beta update, the alert sound for person detection has changed to something far too quiet… Is there a way to change teh alert sound back to what it was? I have gone down the route of looking under Settings/Sounds & Haptics. There is no Wyze alert there. What am I missing here?

If you are running the Beta on iOS, no.

If you are running the Beta on Android, yes.

The change was made to introduce an app level default notification sound for ALL notifications from Wyze, not sounds specific to a type of AI notification. There is no option or setting from within the App to disable or change the default sound.

iOS previously removed the ability for users to change the notification sound used by Apps. If the App didn’t identify a default sound, iOS assigned the default sound. The new Beta now designates that sound.

In Android, the default sound can be overridden in the OS Notification Settings for the WyzeMessage channel. However, it appears that the new Beta has created duplicate notification channels that still need to be ironed out.


Thanks for taking the time to answer that question I asked regarding the alert sound in iOS.

I almost never gripe about things Wyze, as the ecosystem has been good to me so far… However, Wyze needs to pick a louder sound! I can’t even hear it when the phone is in my pocket. This makes the entire idea of a camera to alert me useless…

PLEASE implore Wyze to pick a more annoying sound, or a louder sound, or allow the user to use the default sound, OR the assigned sound… The alert sound REALLY needs to be louder… Thank you for your help in this!

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Sadly, I am an Androidian and override all notification tones with a 3rd party app and custom tones so it wasn’t something I am testing.

But, you can share your feedback directly. I would suggest using BOLD text.

Since this is a Beta App, Wyze is collecting data and feedback from the Beta Testers in the Beta Thread announcing the FW release.

You can follow the link and post your feedback there.

Hello Slayer,
Thank you for the link!!! I’ll run over there.

73, and thanks,
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