Where is Wyze Support?

So here I am, over a week since I first reached out to Wyze support and still no response.

I have reached out to Wyze 4 times in total now, and all 4 times, Support insisted we convert to email.

Just to convert to email and not to have any issues fixed. The 3rd tech, I resisted swtching to email for fear they would not follow up and ta da. No surprise there, we convert to email and ZERO response.

Issue #1; Cannot log into account from any device, app or website. Stating user is locked, or too many failed attempts. This happened on #1 log in attempt on 11/30/2021.
It has now been 9 days since then and still the same issue. I have reset apassword a dozen times, and even waited well over the 24hr lock out period and still no avail.

Issue #2 - I was charged nearly double on my bank, vs what Wyze was supposed to bill. Still not one response from support on them correcting this.

Issue #3- I was sent a Wyzw doorbell, a Wyze V3 Cam, and a wyze Hub. They could not even answer me, why even send a wyze hub, if I did not order anything that requires the hub. It has no use for what I ordered.

At this point my other issues are related to not being able to access the account.

Any advice on how to get support from WYZE.

This is just sad and extremely frustrating


Not a great option, but have you thought about setting up a new account and moving your devices? Problematic if you have outdoor cameras since I don’t think you can move them when attached to another account.

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You indicated that you have changed your password, or tried to. If you successfully changed the password, did you logout of all other devices you may have your account on? These could be locking you out. Again, not sure you have multiple devices or if you shared your account, but if you have logout of all devices except one and start from there.

setting up a new account as @WildBill indicated is something to seriously consider, especially if there is a possibility that someone else has your account and locking you out. If it is a potentially a compromised account, you could reach out to the security side and indicate that you think the account was compromised and explain why. That will takes you down a different process, I believe.

Did you order the items you were sent? Doorbell, v3, and HMS? There are a lot of individuals wanting the Hub only without HMS, so you may have lucked out on that.

I was never able to log in, since day one. My cam plus subscription is tied to the original account and for simplicity, Id like to get into that account.

The hub was sent with HMS, but do not see how there is any benefit as the hub is not needed to use the cameras.

You don’t need HMS to use the cameras either. They work without it.

Did support give you any ticket numbers when you contacted them, if so can you post them so I can forward them on


I am having the exact same issue. Did you ever get resolution? I feel like it has to do with signing in with Amazon Pay to order (which I did). It created an account then for me but somehow locks me out of everything else. Basically, I can choose the ‘forgot your password’ link and use a verification code to reset my password and it says ‘password has been updated’. Then I wait 15 minutes (as instructed by support), and try to login and get a failure message. - via the site I get “User is Locked”, or in the app I get “Login Failure - Too many failed attempts. Please try again later.” All i got from support is to reset my password and wait 15 minutes, but it doesn’t do anything, I get the same results.

My Wyze ticket # is 1693251. Here is what it looks like trying to login via app.

Welcome to Wyze, the Out of Stock, we sell everything company. Customer service? What customer service? E-mails are ignored. Shipping issues are swept under the rug. But wait !! They will gladly take your money for a new product, charge you for it, tell you it’ll be in “wave 1,2,3 …” never send shipping updates or respond to calls or emails. If you’re smart, put every item you purchase from them on a credit card (NOT debit) so you can make your bank deal with them stealing your money. Buy their products on Amazon. You’ll get it 10X faster and you can return everything hassle free.

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Sounds like your not a happy camper,we order from wyze direct,and we get the order number and email updates along with txt message, if product is in stock we get our item in 2-4 days…same on Amazon no issues eather

The kae4560 shuffle. A perfect husband/wife team.

Wyze usually sends weekly shipping updates via email to people who have preordered a product. The mods also post a copy of the email here on the forums. Here’s the most recent one:

Also, do you have a support ticket number? I might be able to get some attention brought to it.

I’ve sent diagnostics several times, requested customer support and I keep getting the run around. I haven’t been able to get my base, doorbell camera, or either my other cameras to work for more than 30 minutes since I purchased them. Tried upgrading to Kim plus couldn’t get that to work correctly tried to upgrade the pro and it wouldn’t let me. See what else feel like this company is just looking to make a quick buck and then let all of their customers down because I haven’t heard a single person that I know of the trade him I have success

From what your saying it sure sounds like it’s on your end,if I was you I would power cycle your router/modem,and sign out of app then back into your app.make sure you have the latest app,and your phone as well