2FA Problem

I have the very first outdoor camera and hub that came with it and i hooked it up and used it for sometime and one day i could not get in my account something about 2FA and i tried so hard but only got so far when they would send code to my phone # that’s where everything got bad because i had gotten a new phone and it came with a different phone #.So it would not give me the option to change the #.I called and spoke with somebody that told me i should just throw away my outdoor camera and hub because it was no longer good since i didn’t have access to my old # so i could grt the code.You guys said that yall was going to send me the second one that came out after mine because of all the time and stress this has caused and i was suppose to receive a email you guys said and that’s been almost 3 months now and nothing i have not received anything from you guys in the mail or my email so please look it to this for me this is so aggravating especially since there is nothing wrong with the outdoor camera and hub i have now that’s crazy its just useless now but i would greatly appreciate it if someone would look into this matter for me and pls let me know what the issue is pls and thank you.

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Hey, sorry your having issues getting into your account.

Unfortunately there’s nothing Wyze can do if you aren’t able to access your account via 2fa. If Wyze support was able to let you bypass it then that would defeat the whole purpose of account security. Wyze provides options to add backup 2fa methods like email, Authenticator app, or phone number, but if you haven’t already set those up then there’s nothing you can do.

The Wyze cam outdoor, being battery powered and wireless, is locked to the account it’s set up on to prevent theft. This means there’s no way to reset it.

This is a user to user community, so we can’t help with refunds or replacement, but if you give me more details I may be able to get it escalated. Potential escalation is only possible if you have the support ticket number that you would have received in an email followup to your support contact. Please provide that ticket number (check your spam folder).

Can you tell me how long it’s been since you should have gotten the email?

And, is the cam still in warranty (1 year)?

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