Botched 2FA security implementation

Wyse accidentally locked me and themselves out of my Wyze account and now over $500 worth of working wyze cameras and door locks are useless. Norton security told me my personal wyze account info was on the dark web and to change my PW and when I did (during their 2FA implementation) something got corrupted on their end and neither of us can get into the account and none of my many cameras and door locks work. They say because my cameras are out of warranty there is nothing they can do even though this has nothing to do with warranty on my equipment. It is strictly their security system that has locked both of us out of the account. I am not out of hundreds of dollars or wyze equipment. Anyone having system or account access issues? I heard something about a class action suit against them for security and other issues. Any news on how to join that if it exists? I am not just going to go away. I am going to continue to share my experience with the world and warn other potential victims if they don’t fix their account access issues and allow my paid for cameras and door locks to work again.
Screenshot 2024-05-29 143707

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There’s another thread here where someone’s camera was stolen, and the thief was able to re-register it despite past statements from Wyze that stolen cameras are locked. So something similar can be done to your locked equipment; pretend it was all stolen and you establish another account?

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Wyze is not a security company.

They are a gadget reseller that modifies the software.

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I am sorry this happened, our 2FA implementation does not go into effect until tomorrow. Can you give me the ticket number you were given so I can look into this more?

Edit: I see the ticket number in your post.


so apparently when the warranty expires your cameras go offline ?!
Wyze already destroyed two of my WYZE SD cards simultaneously.
I still have issues keeping my cams online

NO. I have four cams that are 3.5 years old and many others that are over 2 years old and they all work.

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I have about 30 active cameras, numerous devices, at time very poor internet.
Set up 2FA days ago using my phone with authentication sent to email. Immediately disabled it. Logged in and out a few times, everything seemed to work.
Tried to log in today on laptop to use web view, required 2FA. Took multiple tries to get 2FA number to log in.
Allowed me to set a 30 day limit for this device.
WTH is going on? How do I make it disabled for the laptop? I can’t find it on “web view”.

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Uh oh. I enabled my 2fa the day before the execution.

I hope I can disable it like was mentioned previously.