Stop sending 2FA authentication codes every 15 seconds and locking out my account

You guys really have a problem here. I keep getting locked out and I am royally pissed that I have no access to my CAMS now. No one to help until 8 am to 4 pm PT. [mod edit] Unlock my account!

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Multiple people have reported this issue!
I’d contact the @wyzeteam and @WyzeGwendolyn.

If you recently changed your Wyze password and are using another service to access your Wyze devices (IFTTT), then it could be the service is trying to login and causing the 2FA issue.

Sorry to hear about this! Is this still a problem? If so, have you been using tinyCam? I’ve heard of this happening with folks using that program a few times. If not, I’ll definitely need to report that to the team.


I disabled the multifactor component. Less security but at least it works.