I no longer have my old phone number and didn’t think about my account being stuck to my old phone,

So NEEDLESS TO SAY IM TRYING EVERYTHING IN MY [Mod Edit] power to get my camera back up n [Mod Edit] but nothing is working

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Welcome to the forums! Did you have 2fa enabled using the old phone number? You may have to create a new account then re-install the existing cams onto the new account if you don’t have access to the old number. What cameras are you using and now don’t have access to?

Here is some info on 2fa, and I’ll highlight a section that applies to this issue:


Edit/ Looks like your thread label is “cam-outdoor”, and there is a theft security feature that unless a base/cam is deleted from an account, it cant be set up on another. Since you don’t have access to the original account, that may add another wrinkle in this issue. This shows the importance on keeping account detail and especially security/2fa stuff up to date. Here is the info on the WCO theft feature:

I would suggest contacting Support to see if there is any assistance they can provide in this instance.



So I have the Wyze camera outdoor That comes with the base station and that’s where I’m getting trouble with making a connection to my camera is because I can’t access the base station because I don’t have that phone number

I would contact Support to see if there is anything that they can do for you as this issue looks to be something that a user community forum cant assist you with. Sounds like you are running into the theft disable function.


Which brings in my favorite contrarian soapbox. Stop using two factor authentication for your cameras, folks. It causes more trouble than it is worth.

Over a couple of years there have been dozens of threads where people got screwed up by faulty or missing two factor authentication. How many reports of people thankful for it? Like grateful it kept their ex from stalking them? None. You know why? Because that’s what password changes are for!

This poster may be permanently locked out of using their cameras. Good luck with support; maybe there is a backdoor.

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Out of the blue, I stopped receiving SMS verification codes while attempting to log in, through the recommended two factor authentication program.
Lost access to my app, and ultimately all of my account info , and control and access to all of my devices. Base stations won’t pair with my new app and new account, so my multiple outdoor cams no longer accessible, my multiple WYZE locks no longer paired to the app via the WYZE gateway, so no longer available to grant access remotely, or open automatically sensing my phone… WYZE Support…isn’t… claim WYZE warranty is for 30 days, and if I wanted to claim warranty, I need to provide all of my purchase info such as order number( in my old account I can no longer access… My email address “ doesn’t match” the purchase history info,( I opened my new account on a new email) so they won’t honor my requests. And all of my account info including preorders and the nearly $2k in purchases I’ve made since they opened for business… gone ( to me, but I bet with a little digging They could find it and perhaps treat me with a little more respect…. NOT

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So sorry to hear. Does the lock seize up without 2FA too, like the WCOs? I didn’t know that.

I wouldn’t buy a product from them again, they refuse to rest or clear my account out so i can use my cameras, The 2fa doesn’t work and its not sending a tx or to the correct number and I’m stuck .