Wyze Base Station owner change

I recently lost my first Wyze account due to a number change and forgotten password. My old base station and cameras were all linked to that account. Now when I try and set up the base station it tells me it’s already connected to an account and to contact the owner. I have reset it and did all the steps I read about but it still will not link to my new account. Help please!

Welcome to the forums! There is a “feature” that in case of theft of the WCO components, it wont let a user set them up on another account until its deleted from a previous account. In cases like yours, you experience the same end results, but for different accidental reasons. Unfortunately in this case, id recommend contacting Support to see what they can do with your situation.

You might have known it would be said, but looks like this is a unfortunate situation that occurred is a good reminder to keep phone numbers associated with accounts current so that issues like this could be avoided. But it happened and I believe Support will do the best they can with you on this. :slight_smile:

Here is the contact info:


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