Bought a used base station and 2outdoor cameras base station won't reset to new user?

New to this outdoor system any help would be appreciated… I purchased the wyze cam outdoor (starter bundle) I’m having issues connecting to base station… Is there any way to reset for a new user … it still connected to old account and previous owner

Try this:

Deleted Base Station from the app and now it won't connect at all - #24 by dbrasco781

@tckj2018 If the previous owner did not delete the camera and the base station while they were on-line you will never get them set up. If they are deleted from the account while not on line they will never be able to be set up again by anyone. I suggest you get your money back an take the cams and base to e-recycle. Although this link pertains to stolen cam it is the same for any cam and base.

Thank you… I’ll remember that the next time … There not stolen purchased at a second hand store … Have to call that purchase a donation lol thank you again