You shouldn't delete your outdoor cam or base station from the app or you will not able to set them up again? This is Crazy

The app for the outdoor cam is very problematic. I have a problem connecting my wyze cam outdoor v2 to the base station and wanted to reinstall the device. so naturally, I delete the device from the app, and want to re-add it. it always times out when I try to add the device through the base station it is supposed to connect. So I opened a ticket, then I found this in one of the instructions “It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t delete your Wyze Cam Outdoor v1/v2 or the Base Station from the Wyze app while they show Offline, as this will prevent you from being able to set them up again”. What kind of product is this? Isn’t delete and add the intuition when your installation goes wrong you want to start it all over? okay. What s the solution if they are deleted from the app?


This is a feature so if someone steals your camera they cannot use it or sell it.

The cam must be online before you can delete it. The cam and the base use a special connection, so deleting 1 cam when offline is not a valid troubleshooting strategy.

Once it’s happened it’s bricked. You may be able to get a replacement from support, but I’m not sure their policy so maybe not.

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No Factory Reset for Wyze Outdoor Cam? That s crazy!

I have five outdoor cam V2 that I need to hook up to base stations. Since one base station supports up to 4 outdoor cams, I bought two base stations and have split 2 on 1 base station and 3 on another. I need to rearrange cams and base stations and just found out that I can not disconnect a cam from the base station and add to another one. (,the%20back%20of%20the%20device.)That s crazy. Can someone explain why.

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It states it in your link, The cams are assigned to a base, if someone steals your cam they can not set it up on another base unless you delete both the base and the cam from your account. I’ve switched 4 version one WCO cams from one base and set them up on another. I deleted the cams while they were on line, then I deleted the base while it was online. Then I sent up the new base and paired the cameras with the new base, easy. DO not delete anything if it shows as off-line.


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So I have2 outdoor cameras that can’t connect to a base. They are charged. I need to move one rut both to another hub. I can’t. No solution?

I poturne dff both. One is dark. The other glflaseses blue, sometimes yellow. But the power switch is off.

What to do?

I don’t understand how the inability to re-add the cam to the base station has anything to do with enabling the thief to reuse a stolen cam.
you said, “The cam must be online before you can delete it”. that s not entirely true. The very reason why I want to delete the cam from the app and add it back is that it shows offline or power off while they are not. the cam is not online and I was able to delete it. or did you mean to say " you should not delete the cam from the app unless the cam is online"? well, I got no warnings when I deleted them, now they are as you said “bricked”- they never pass the stage of adding a device, it always times out.
The only troubleshooting solution that Wyze support offers when an outdoor cam does not connect to a base station is to power-cycle the cam, Power-cycling the cam does not work. now what?
This is a very messy/confused product.

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Here is the situation. I have two based stations and five outdoor cams. I have two cams bound with one base station and the other three cams bound with another base station. then both base stations stop connecting to the network(flashing blue light) through ethernet. so on the app, I see base stations and cams are all offline. I have gone through a whole nine yards with Wyze support, in the end, they gave up and sent me two new base stations. here is the problem: my five cams are bound to the old base stations and the old base stations are gone. under no circumstances the cams were deleted from the base station when they were both online. how am I supposed to add the five cams to the new base stations? or I should throw them (the five cams) away?

If you had two base stations that were flashing blue (Trying to connect to your network) you had other problems. Do your replacement bases have a solid blue light that stays on all the time? Did you call support on the phone and ask them how to connect your cams to the new bases? I have no idea what will happen now if you delete the cams from the app. You really need to talk to WYZE on the phone about deleting cams that are not online. Did you set the new bases up with the same network names and passwords on the 2.4 network?
I still have my original base which was working just fine. WYZE sent me another base to test for an issue unrelated to the original base. I deleted old base and cams online, set up new one and it has been working for 19 months.
Support: 206-339-9646 or 1 844-999-3226

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Yea, if both were having issues, that’s a network problem most likely. Wyze support is the way to go.

Ok so it won’t brick the other WCOs or the base itself? Because honestly if you have on that won’t charge or turn on, it’s useless and stupid to keep connected. I mean if it won’t turn back on, there’s no way to bring it online to delete.

The cam must be online before you can delete it? here is the situation: my base station keep flashing blue, I talked to wyze support and they had no way to fix it, so I got the replacement. my cams didn’t have the chance to be deleted when they were online with the old base station. I can not delete them now as they will never be online with the dead base station they are binding to. I got a new base station, how do I add the cams to the new base station as they weren’t deleted from the old base station when they were online.

@Antonius will know the safest way to do that. Though if your having issues with multiple bases, that may be a network problem.

I already provided the best advice:

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Yes, I talked to the support. there is no solution. They are now offering replacements for the outdoor cams as well. I do think there are fundamental problems with outdoor cam product that they need to fix quickly. Too many replacements for the outdoor cam product and the costs associated with it could drag the Company down.

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The replacements are not the issue. An easy fix would be to put a warning note in the paper setup guide that comes with the cam or a highlighted note in the app steps that say “Do not delete cams while off line” . The base stations flashing blue is another issued, it could be the power supply, the ethernet cable, and most likely the users network.
My base and cams go off line every 2-3 months for reasons unknown. I turn off the base power for 1-2 min, turn it back on and everything connects again, some cams instantly and one or two within 10 min. Repeat in 2-3 months.

It would be easier for WYZE to make a recovery procedure that they could send the original owner of the cams to fix an issue like yours instead off sending new equipment.


I totally agree. The outdoor product becomes such a nuisance that it constantly has issues mostly from the base station not connecting. I bought three base stations and six cams, but only one set of base and cam is working. (even this set stops connecting every few weeks, but I was able to make it work) the rest of the 2 base stations and 5 cams are dead without recovery. I am getting the replacement, but I wonder what would be next if they fail again.

Ok, so it happened to me. I changed my router and Wi-Fi. All my cams came back online… however I can’t get my outdoor camera and base to connect to my new router. I deleted my base and cam while offline… of course without any warning. It will not connect. I bought a new camera and base, it will not connect either. What in the world. A- why would there not be a warning … if you delete… blah blah blah. Very disappointing. But why won’t the new base connect. Thinking about deleting app… and reinstalling. Help any suggestions. Thank you

What does the base do when you try to connect it? Is the base connected via ethernet and your phone/device on the same 2.4 network, cell data turned off?

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