Outdoor CAM theft security feature

Under Outdoor Cam V2 Q&A it states that a new security feature is that the outdoor CAM has to be released from an account before it can be added to another (ie if stolen the camera can’t be used if not released by previous owner). Two questions. Is this feature now working on Outdoor CAM V1 also? And two, is there away to designate a camera stolen or lost without releasing it (ie not making it available for a thief to use it?) I can see a case where the camera may have been misplaced and you want to free up the position on the base station for use with another camera but you don’t want to make the camera available for a thief if it turns out it was stolen.

This applies to both version of the WCO.

As far as I’m aware (@Antonius may correct me), deleting it from the app when it’s offline will make it permanently bricked. If you delete it when it’s connected and working, it will just reset to default and be ready to be set up again.

If you misplaced it, do not delete it from the app or else it will never work again.


The camera can not be used unless you delete the cam and the base from your account. You could delete all your version 1 cams and set up all the ones you want to keep again. As stated do not delete any cams if they show off line.

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