Giving my WCO to someone else

I purchased a Cam Outdoors to give to and set up for a friend. I set it up on my network and phone so I could get familiar with the process before setting it up for the friend. I was planning on resetting it before giving it to my friend but now I find out that for security purposes the cam can’t be reset to factory.

If I delete the cam from my Wyze phone app will that allow it be added to my friend’s Wyze account? Or am I stuck with a cam no one else can use?

When I left the beta app and set up wyze account under a different email address, I found that I had to log back into the beta account and delete the outdoor camera and delete the base station before I was able to use it in the new account.

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Thanks! Sounds like it’s safe for me to delete the camera and base station before giving them someone else.