Rujoking I can't remove outdoor cams

Wyze support has always been trash but now today I have hit my limit and want to remove my devices. Most I will just factory reset and hope for a day when I can use them independently of wyze but I recall that wyzecam outdoors cannot be reset for security reasons lol what a joke. Is there a way to not brick my devises when I remove them as I know for a fact I cannot add them back after I delete them. I want to remove them from my account the cameras and hub and make them installable as a new device in the future. I find it rediculose that this company just refuses to be understanding to the fact that other humans refuse to deal with such a horrible customer support department it makes me sick.

I don’t have any Cam-Outdoor cameras, but as I understand it, you should have no problem deleting the camera from your account and later putting it back. The only limitation is that someone can’t add it to a different account than that camera is currently activated on. This is to prevent someone from stealing the camera and moving it to their account - it won’t work if they do.

I don’t use Wyze Cam Outdoor either. But I believe the security issue isn’t related to deleting a cam from the app and adding it back. The security feature is more about the Cam’s connection to the Base Station.

It does have to be done correctly, but so long as you have both the cam and the base station it is connected to, I don’t think there will be major issues.

Tagging in some WCO experts for comment: @Antonius and @IEatBeans?

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I believe the camera needs to be online and working when it is deleted from the account to be “released” correctly. If the camera is off or disconnected when it is deleted from the account/app, that is when the “lock up” occurs.


You can delete your cam and base from your account if they are on-line. Wait for a day or two then add back to new account is my advice.


Also I would like to point out that it’s not for security that it cannot be removed. The thief would need the base station as well as the camera, so unless thy busted into my house for that then it would be useless to a would be thief anyway. Even if they had the camera and the base station again how is there a security issue? Did they some how gain access to my account password or my wifi password. Possible but highly unlikely and I would prob change them both anyway if network devices were stolen so seems kinda like lots of roadblocks still up to protect me and nothing really compromised by a thief snatching a camera. I mean let’s go way way out there and imagine they also have my wyze cam password who cares they have the camera so that camera isn’t a security risk for me but for them. They may reset it but at that point all my info gets removed so who cares How does some one stealing a wycam outdoor camera differ from any of my v2 v3 wyzcams or my v1 and v2 wyzepancams that are also outdoors exactly? Further if it’s for security purposes and the thief had access to your house for the base station then any indoor camera would also be a security risk and have the same policy. It’s stupid garbo and I know they cannot be removed because they themselves say it cannot be removed and reactivated. I’m wondering how a new password on your wifi would be handled as most of the cameras have to be completely reconfigured after resetting them to configure new wifi settings that seems like a bigger security risk than a camera being snatched. Again it’s stupid I purchased the items and have no way to sell them because wyze wants to lock it to my account. Unless this policy has changed and a wyzeman could point me to updated information.

As I said, put the base and the WCO cams all on line > delete all the cams first then delete the base from your account using the app. then you can set them up as new on a different account. You can’t do it if the cams are off line, the cams will be bricked.


I’ll try it again and report back ty for the suggestion. I bricked the hub last year trying to get them to work figured mehh remove and the reinstall negative the hub just caved that why I’m a bit cautious to a point I mean it’s 100 bucks but 100 bucks is a lot these days. I will try over the weekend though