Using Wireless Cam and Base Station at new location

Love my Wireless Wyze Cam! I want to take the Cam and the Base Station to my folks house to set up for them to use and to see if they like it before they buy one. What road blocks will I hit trying to connect the base station to their Internet? Has anyone done something similar?
Thank you!

You may have to delete the cam and the base from your account first since they were set up on your network. Even if you change the network name or get a new router at your house you have to set them up again. If you ever need a new router delete the cam and base from your account first or use the same network SSID and password to set them up again. Never delete the cam or base if they show off-line or they will never set up again. Also remember your phone has to be on the same 2.4 network as the one you are connecting the base to during set up. If you are just going to do a quick demonstration that would work fine setting up on their network but they won’t be able to use they system if it is set up with your account and device.

Base and cam security info: