Got new phone, lost 2FA. Base station and cameras worthless! Wyze support NO HELP

So, got a new Iphone and the 2FA codes did not transfer. Wyze made me create another account because I could not prove who I was through their authentication.

Created new account and tried to set up my base station and 2 outdoor cameras. Says its registered to another account. Did the soft reset and the paper clip button reset on the base station and cameras…no luck. Email support is worthless, they tell me to reset my password to old account but then its asking for 2FA. Asked support to just reset the base station and cameras, they tell me the account is not active!? Then how in the hell does it say to reset my password if there is no account in the system.

Anyone have any magical dust to help reset the cameras and base station to my new Wyze account?

Wow, That’s impressive authentication. Please to see when turned on, its that “complete”. Good work Wyze. That’s what we want.

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Sorry you are having this issue. But, as unfortunate as it is, this is one of the prices of high security. Your account has the 2FA security and your outdoor cams have security locking them to your old account. You are in a Catch 22. I don’t have any magical pixie dust for you, only some questions.

I am assuming, based on your screenshot, that you are using an Authenticator App to attempt the 2FA access to your old account, is that correct? Which app are you using? When you set up your original 2FA with your authenticator app, did you copy and save your Recovery Code somewhere? Are you logged into your Authenticator App using the same credentials you used on the old phone? I am assuming the old phone is no longer in your possession?

The best way to resolve this is from the 2FA end to restore the old account rather than the cam reset end to add them to the new account. Since the cams were still active on the old account, they are bricked until they can be deleted from that account and I have not ever read that Wyze can do that.

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This is true for the Wyze Lock/Gateway as well. I use Authy as my 3rd party security app and it allows me to have the data synchronized on my iPad, iPhone and linux desktop. Easier to make sure I have access somewhere.

Here’s my standard recommendation for 2FA. Do NOT limit yourself to a single device. If you are using a text for 2FA, SOME systems will allow more than one device / phone number. Set up your significant other as a second number, or even a trustworthy friend (they still can’t get into the account without your password). If the system allows one or more backup code, make sure to store that someplace (I use my password manager). If you use an authenticator app, if possible, load it onto multiple devices. For example on your old phone that is not active, you can still load the app. Keep the phone is a secure location (safe, lockbox or safe deposit box for example). Google Authenticator CAN be accessed on a PC, so that may be an option. I don’t know about others.

Personally, I carry two phones (work and personal), and I have Google Authenticator loaded on both, plus my personal tablet. My Wyze 2FA backup code is saved in my password manager (as is my 20+ character Wyze password)