How to reset Account with Two Factor Authentication?

Hi there, i reset my phone so wipe out all apps including Authenticator so when trying to login to my Wyze app i click “Forgot password” and received code by email but after it asking me secret code (i forgot where i put it) and 2FA code which i do not have because i uninstalled the app.

How to solve this?
I Do not want to lost my account.

For future reference, having Google Authenticator installed on more than one device can save your backside. I ran into that a couple years ago when my phone abruptly and totally died. It was a royal pain to convince some entities that I really was me. Now I have Authenticator on my personal and work phone, and also my tablet. So as long as one of those three is alive, I still have access to Authenticator. Copying Authenticator data from one phone to another is EASY (a QR code).

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Thanks good advice,
Does it mean with some royal pain, Wyze team will unlock it for me :grinning:

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I don’t know if they can help. The problem is this is exactly what someone might try if they wanted to break into your account, and you wouldn’t want them to open your account to someone else. That’s why you engaged 2FA. So if you have no backup of the authenticator app, you may need to start over.

yes but i have my email and the product used on that account.

I hate two factor. It’s the worst, even when it works as intended.

(This is an unhelpful whine and I realize that.)

Wyze would have no way to verify this isn’t a simple house break-in, with someone finding a email password list under a keyboard. So you really need the authenticator app. I really wouldn’t expect them to defeat 2FA on the first phone call they get.

You are right, make sens.
So all that’s left for me to do is cry.

Unless you really need to retrieve some cloud footage it’s not a great loss. The cameras can be reset on a new account and any subscriptions can be cancelled and repurchased.

Heck even existing SD card recordings should be fine because Wyze does not encrypt them.

You’ll have to recreate groups and rules though.

Good luck.

I would make the phone call to support, you have nothing to lose by trying 206-339-9464. Have all you information handy, like the products, purchase information, MAC address of your “stuff” and so on. Go for it !!

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You might want to consider an alternative app for 2FA: Authy. It replicates data between devices without the need for manual intervention. I use it on my iPhone, iPad and laptop.

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Nice, i’ll look at it.