2FA failure, unable to log into account after phone reset

Anyone else experienced an issue where 2FA failed on their account? My authy app codes and reset code are all coming back as invalid. I’ve contacted support a couple times to no response from “the specialist team”.

I created a new account out of frustration with support, and now cannot even add my outdoor base station as it’s still tied to the other account. Of course there is no way to control your account/devices from the website.

No but this is why I mostly avoid multifactor when feasible. It’s just something else that can go wrong and lock you out of an account.

I would disagree that 2FA is something to be avoided. What this exposes to me is that Wyze gave no thought to account recovery in case of such a failure. And the incredibly long times to get helpful responses from non-level 1 support when there’s the possibility of this happening desperately needs to be addressed.


It seems that the 2FA is operating exactly as intended. Since you can’t satisfy its challenge you are prevented from logging in. That is what is supposed to happen. If that can be over-ridden just by socially engineering a Wyze rep on the phone, or through an equally vulnerable automated recovery mechanism, then what was the point? Security theater?

If you don’t get anywhere with support then you can just re-create your lost account and reset the cameras.

If 2FA was operating as intended, then the 2FA recovery code generated when 2FA was applied would work in removing the 2FA. Or more importantly the app that was used to validate that 2FA was working as intended would still be working. Clearly it is not. You also cannot re-create an account, per support email addresses cannot be re-used. Even if you ask Wyze to delete your account.

Okay, sorry it’s all falling down for you. But if all you need is a new mail address those are hardly in short supply. As just one example I assume you know about the “+” trick with Gmail addresses. Personally I always use unique addresses for every company with which I deal (with a personal domain, not the Gmail thing).

This is less about me and more about the customer support experience. I have already created a new account (which of course means I don’t have my purchase history, etc). However I also cannot add my Outdoor Base Station to my new account as I cannot access the old account via the app to delete it. There’s no way via email or website to approve the transfer, it MUST be done via the app. This is a terrible system and leaves me with a device that until support bothers to respond (it’s been all day with no reply) is entirely useless.

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I have had a lot of clients report this kind of 2fa problem. Normally the problem is that they set up 2 accounts for [a service] in Authy. This can happen if it times out when setting up authy originally. Happens all the time and for some reason many people don’t even notice.

TLDR: double check your authy app to see if there is a second wyze account.

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Sadly there is not a second wyze account in authy. Good thought though.

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Open a ticket w/ on-line support to return an unusable camera. Maybe they’ll come up with a better solution.

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Wow, if the recovery code won’t work, you have a Catch 22.

Wyze and its employees are unable to make modifications to your Two-Factor Authentication settings on our end. This means that if you lose access to the phone number used for Two-Factor Authentication, you will need to create a new account.

Which would work on anything but a WOC since its locked to an unaccesable account.

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Hello! Wondering if you had any luck recovering your old account or a solution that was sufficient?

I have run into this issue as well and agree that you cannot have the system run both ways if we really want 2FA to work. I do not mind being locked out of my account, but if someone has already hacked my account and all I am doing is creating another account so I can gain access is that just as bad?

Google requires a few days to validate account lock outs, maybe that could work too?

Yes, the engineering team was able to remove the 2FA from the original account and I was able to log back into it and re-apply 2FA.

Mod Note: This is no longer possible, engineering cannot remove 2FA from an account.


How did you get the engineering team to help you? I’m locked out of my account because Wyze can’t send my code to my number, which was just working. I just need to get back in so I can set up the authenticator app.

Nothing specific I did. The “engineers” just fixed it after I opened the ticket and went back and forth with email support for a bit. When I asked for an explanation as to what happened, the response I got back was

There was a server on the back-end.

Engineers have corrected this.

Mod Note: This is no longer possible, engineering cannot remove 2FA from an account.

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Thanks. I’ll keep trying with support, but I’m not too hopeful at this point.

Does anyone know how many digits the recovery code is. I believe I have found mine, but the screen capture has the sound bar covering the right side of the image when it was captured. It does not say WYZE on the image, just recovery code. But I believe this is right. I currently have 23 digits that I can see in the image.

I believe the 2FA recovery code is 32 characters.

Is there an updated fix to this? I was forced by Wyze to do 2FA which I did with the Google authenticator. When my phone was damaged I no longer had the authenticator available.

After many painful hours Wyze support let me know there is no other way to access my current Wyze account and to create a new one so I did. I migrated 12 cameras, door bell, smart vac, and scale and my cam plus accounts. The issue came with my 4 Wyze locks. Since my Wyze locks are registered to my old account which I can access on the app ( I can access is on the web) my 4 locks are basically useless to me now. Wyze is offering me a $20 credit per lock… Are you kidding me?

Hopefully there is a fix…

Hmm, after reading this thread I think I might change my 2FA to a text message instead of using an authenticator app.