2FA - Be careful!

While I am enjoying these products, I have one issue that has let me down. I’m all about 2FA to keep my account secure and such. I’m sure it’s on Wyze’s radar to enable 2FA when logging into your account on their website, but for using the app, be aware. When you enable 2FA, you have 2 options, text or use a 3rd party app. And you can’t choose both. It’s one or the other. If you have text set up and then you decide to change to the app, your phone number to text you means absolutely nothing. I’m all about using multiple methods but my issue is that when I changed my 2FA option to use an app, forget ever having the option to get a text if your phone crashes or you forget to back it up with the original sign in info. Unfortunately this happened to me so when I try to use my 3rd party app (ie: Authenticator) it no longer has my 6-digit code to use when I try to sign into my Wyze app and be authenticated. Many other apps I have, they have multiple options (if setup prior) so you can select which way you’d like to receive your 2FA access code. Now, since I can no longer log into my Wyze app with the same login credentials I use on this website without the proper 2FA because of the loss of sign in access, you lose the ability to maintain that account. Plus, if you have any devices that are assigned to that account, congrats. You’ve just earned a paper weight. Because of this, when I created a new account (more like a dummy account), I can’t add my Outdoor Wyze Cam. Why? Well when I try to add the device to the new account, I get the error of that it’s assigned to a different account and can not be added. I’m so disappointed in how this was set up. I really don’t want to see a link from a Wyze employee directing me to the 2FA page because I’ve read that up and down, left to right and it will never fix my issues. So, if there are any community members out there that are hopefully in the same boat, you know my pain. If anyone has ever got around this issue so I can utilize my product with a different account, please, I’d like to hear all about it. I’m still ticked that I have a useless camera that I can’t setup. So if there’s no way to get it set back up, it’ll find its way to the electronic recycle bin.

Did you not save your backup code some ware safe?

Community members can’t fix your account. You will need to coordinate with Wyze. CALL the support line. Yes, the queue time will likely be long, but Wyze can fix your problem - we can’t.

I feel your pain. I had the phone that was used with Google Authenticator die without warning a year or two ago. As I recall, I had six accounts that were secured with that phone. It was a pain in the neck. I have subsequently learned that you can have two (maybe more) instances of Google Authenticator for an account, so now I have Authenticator on both phones, so if one dies, I can still get get my code from the other. Don’t ask me how I set up two - too long ago and I would have to poke around to do it again.

I solve this problem by not using multifactor authentication except for work and banking…

FYI the WCO model is the only one that locks up that way. With the other models you can do a reset and move on with a new account if needed.

In all fairness, WYZE makes this very clear when you enable 2FA within the app. They provide a backup code for this very reason.


To setup Auth in two phone by exporting through the Google Auth app.

Suggest that you use a 2FA generator within a good password manager like 1Password, synched across your phone and laptop. Then, as long as you have access to either device OR your master 1Password access code, you can always get back to access any and all of the logins you have in a 1Password vault. LastPass and a couple of other good ones do about the same.