2FA Major Issue, Going on 2 years charged for cam + I can’t use!

Subscribed to cam plus for years on my account, no issue. 2FA was enabled, also no issue. UNTIL a move during pandemic lockdown forced me 3000 miles away and I immediately lost access to my work and mobile phones at my job, both of which were my 2FA primary and backup phones to sign into my long time Wyze account.

I was forced to setup my cameras on a newly registered account since I could not receive the 2FA code on my prior phones due to the immediate nature of my job loss/relocation. Tedious task but no issue.

The legal issue I am now going into my 3rd year of fighting Wyze on is the fact that Wyze refuses to cancel the CAM PLUS subscription on the old account, despite no active devices being on the account since 2020 (due to having to register them on a new account). They keep sending me an email stating they are charging me for renewal, but the account cannot be accessed still due to the 2FA. I’ve offered to send my drivers license, I’ve contacted my card issuer, nothing seems to stop their ongoing charges. There is no way to turn off the auto renewal without account access. How do you keep charging for a service on devices that no longer exist and for which you can see have been registered with a new account for years (presuming they have a serial number on our devices). This is a major issue with Wyze and one which is ongoing, and will get worse when 2FA is required for all in coming weeks.

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Have your bank change the credit card number that Wyze is charging. I had to do that with AOL a few decades ago. Yea, I know that is a pain if you have automatic payments setup on the old card number, but they will no longer be able to extract money from you.

Part 2 is a little bit back on you. Bad planning to have much of ANYTHING that is not directly work related that is only accessible via a work controlled asset. Too easy to lose access to that work device due to a job change, IT security policy that blocks something you need, company shutting down with no notice, etc. For example, I use Google Authenticator for 2FA on Wyze. I have GA installed on my personal phone, personal tablet, and work phone. If any of those devices fail or I otherwise no longer have access, the data is on the other two devices.


Agreed, I’ve been using an authenticator app since 2020 but it doesn’t help with older accounts. I don’t believe it was an option when I setup my old account. Looks like customer service finally listened to me and checked the account, glad this will finally be over ($6/mo x 36 months wasn’t cheap). Credit card issuer wouldn’t chargeback due to it being authorized upon subscription and when a new card number was issued, the creditor allowed prior ACH transactions to go through on new account number for “convenience”.

I apologize that you are having this experience. Any of the times that you have contacted Wyze were you given a ticket number? If you were could you give it to me and I will try to start looking into this.
Do you know if you purchased the CamPlus on the Wyze website or on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store? If it was purchased on the Play Store or App Store Wyze would have no control over it and you would need to talk to Google or Apple in that instance.