Add authenticator app(s) for 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

BELATED UPDATE: Authenticator app options were added for 2FA in app version 2.10.

Most people voted for google authenticator (54% of you voted for it) but for some reason the wyze team decided that it was a good idea to go with the second most upvoted one instead (SMS). Many people have pointed out that SMS authenticator has flaws, insecure and not region specific which make google authenticator a better choice.

Apps such as Google authenticator and Authy (and others) are more secure than using cell phone texts.


Please don’t forget to vote for the topic if you want to see a change implemented. :slight_smile:


I am also fine with SMS, but please design for global use.


I refuse to use any SMS based 2FA system. It has been proved to be insecure, even more than just keeping it disabled.

If I don’t provide you my phone number, an hacker must try to find out my password.

If I give you my phone number, one just needs to call the telephone provider and get access to my number (quite easy). At this point he can use 2FA to reset my password or at lest verify he’s the owner of the account.

Please implement app based 2FA


Not only is it absurd from a security point of view, it makes it impossible for users who travel internationally and sometimes even for users who do not travel but live in a different country. International SMS is very iffy.


I’m concern about not having a better 2 step verification process that works for people from abroad without an US number.

Why not by any authentication app and a QR code?

And why not offline backup numbers?


Looking to see if it’s possible to extend the availability of being able to use Two Factor outside of US, I know Wyze cam is only available within US but as you can see there’s is a lot of users around the world and surely would be easy enough to implement different country codes?

Seriously @UserCustomerGwen and @Loki ?
You ask us to vote and then you swiftly ignore the most voted on option? Google Authenticator / Authy is more secure and versatile. Gee, maybe when I’m away on vacation overseas I can log in and see the camera feed at home or review any event notifications? Oh right, I can’t If I use this rubbish SMS 2FA solution that Wyze implemented. Maybe my Wyze login credentials will be protected by 2FA everywhere? I guess someone forgot to enable it for the forums? Sigh.

Wyze should provide further clarity on this issue. You asked us to vote and then you ignore it and go silent on what we voted for. The only point of voting seems to be to highlight your preferred approach of implementing half-baked and bare minimum solutions to achieve a bullet point in your product marketing. I’m also referring to your Alexa support - Cameras MUST appear as devices in the Alexa app and integrate with Alexa Routines. Passing the buck to IFTTT and Stringify is a giant fail due to latency issues and the unfortunate matter of Stringify shutting down at the end of June.

Why the heck should we have to vote AGAIN for a fully functional and secure 2FA solution from Wyze?? Perhaps you don’t understand how voting works. We’ve already voted and you have the results. You don’t ignore the vote or re-run the vote if you don’t like the outcome. Don’t insult us or waste our time. It’s 2019. The world doesn’t need another crummy SMS 2FA implementation. Thanks for that.

This speaks volumes about Wyze, and not in a good way. You pull something like this and then you expect us to rush out and buy your new Wyze Sense and Wyze Bulb products? I don’t think so. Thank u next!


You sounds like the kind of person that expects the world but doesn’t want to pay for it. Wyze is a small team that offers a small set of products with a limited profit margin. They do the best they can with the resources they have. If you want to go out and buy a $200 camera that that offers everything you need feel free but most of us are quite happy with their offering.

Please see my other posts from earlier this year where I state clearly that I’m happy to pay more to Wyze, for example, to get extra cloud storage for recordings. See? That’s why you don’t make assumptions about people because you end up being wrong. I’m the “kind of person” that expects nothing for free in this world.

We’re not ignoring this, I promise. And I apologize for making it feel that way. I’ve been reporting back to the team and keeping track of feedback and votes.

For Alexa, I just checked in with the team that will be involved with the Routines work. I’m told that we’re looking into it but we’re not sure about timelines. There are feature developments that would need to occur before this would be possible and resources are limited.


Thanks for the update @UserCustomerGwen. It is appreciated.

I believe that a product will make my smart home dumber if I have to use its app for anything but installation and troubleshooting. For example, I have Hue lighting throughout my home. I can’t remember the last time I launched the Hue app. Thanks to REAL Alexa support and common sense scheduling features, it’s magical. I hope that all of your products will work this way right out of the box. I didn’t have to mess around with 3rd parties such as IFTTT to make it work seamlessly.

Conversely, I had no choice but to learn enough about IFTTT and Stringify to cobble together a method of making my Wyze Cam’s On and Off functions appear as devices in the Alexa app. That allows me to turn the camera on and off using my various Alexa Routines for when I leave home or I’m arriving at home. Comcast will be shutting down Stringify at the end of June so this solution goes up in smoke. Wyze has to add REAL Alexa support for me to consider its products more than a novelty. I shouldn’t have to use the digital equivalent of chicken wire and crazy glue to get things to work.

As for the scheduling feature of the Wyze Cam, I give it an F because it’s useless to me. I don’t have the same schedule all week long, and I don’t know anyone that does. At bare minimum there should be both a weekday and a weekend schedule. Creating shortcuts in the app to turn the cameras on and off is pointless as I have no desire to use the Wyze app on a daily basis, and I shouldn’t have to MacGyver basic functionality with 3rd parties and hope their services are all operating properly when needed.

I’m very happy that Wyze received additional funding. I truly hope that your team is going to circle back and fix glaring issues with the Wyze Cam software feature set. Some of these issues should be addressed without customers having to vote on them.

I would love the ability to just use an authenticator app (like Google Authenticator) rather than my cellphone to get a text. Phones can be spoofed, and then both your phone and text message authentication codes are also compromised.


You’re welcome for the update!

I understand where you are coming from and I’ll share your feedback with the team. As for the scheduling function, you can use Shortcuts to create multi-day scheduling and you’re not limited to one schedule. So you can set a weekend schedule and a weekday schedule through the app if you would like. :slight_smile:

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having 2FA though Microsoft Authenticator or something similar would be much more secure. SMS is easily spoofed it would be nice to have the option at least.


I would really love it if the two factor authentication had an option for time based apps, like Google or LastPass’s Authenticator apps.
SMS is really not secure, and not a good idea if you are serious about security…

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Add Authy, Google, and any other 2FA app support.


What about non US countries .
Can you add support for other countries (Israel ) Please ?

Any of the authenticator app solutions should be usable internationally if/when implemented by Wyze. Be sure to vote at the top of this thread.