Wyze Car? For real?

Please tell me I’m not the only one that got this email just now? lol I want some more details!

Nope! I got it too…
Already trying to contact Wyze for a review unit…if that’s going to be possible for my YouTube channel.

ahhh in the facebook someone pointed out its probably April Fools!!! I feel like an idiot…lol

They said in the email it wasn’t an April Fools Joke

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Got the email. I am in if it’s not a joke. Already have a few DIY cars. Where is the product page?

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Since the email specifies that it requires a Wyze Cam V2 (sold separately), I figured it was a way to clear out their warehouses of the unsold V2s. I personally only have WCOs and V3s. I would probably be interested in a couple IF they allowed use of the V3 with an add-on spotlight kit as that can be used to inspect crawlspaces under houses.

Other"wyze", I can go with my original idea of using a remote controlled tracked aluminum platform (like a tank, but with a V3 in place of the turret).


Maybe it’s their version of Amazon’s sentry drone? I think it’d be pretty cool if they add this as part of their security line up the roams around the house.

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Likely an Apri Fool’s joke. I’m calling it.

Very linkely. If it is available tomorrow (april 1), there has to be a product page to go with it, and there is none. Does’t add up.

But an April Fool’s joke that states that it is NOT an April Fool’s joke is just a lie. I guess we will know on Friday.

  1. If this is not an April Fools joke, then I want to see the product page (the photo doesn’t match the description.
  2. If this is an April Fools joke it is fairly poorly done compared to all the others tech AF jokes that happen each year. It’s a day early, It actually includes language that says that aren’t joking. And, it really is poorly written.

My guess is that someone thought it was funny but because they didn’t have any better ideas, this is what we get as an AF joke from Wyze.

I’m betting no April Fool’s joke, but it’s just a remote control car that has a mount for a v2 cam, that’s it. Not saying I won’t try to snag one because: Wyze, but nothing too exciting IMO.

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Dang, I have some V1s sitting around, but no spare V2s. If this is real I wonder if that’ll be good enough.

Another sign that this is a fake story. The V1 & V2 are the same form factor.

Exactly. This announcement breaks their normal paradigm of “Hey Wyze Fans! We’re launching a new product soon (usually a week or so before launch, not 1 day before), but we won’t tell you anything about it. You just have to wait and see!”.

It’s also very typical to see them announce new products through their social media like Instagram and whatnot, and Wyze has been particularly quiet about this new product. I also feel like this is the first time I’m seeing a product announcement 1 day before launch, especially via email. Very dubious.

I would agree if they were launching a new and ongoing product, but this is a limited run item that will only be sold on one (admittedly suspicious) day.

Oh well, we will soon see.

This is 100% real. If it weren’t, they wouldn’t have stated in the email that they’re “not pranking us”. As for the way they usually announce and release a product, this product is only available for one day, with limited quantities.

Uh, what does Drivewyze have to do with a small app-controlled toy car with a semi-obsolete WiFi camera mounted on the top?

Just a joke in a joke thread.