April fools

That truly was quite the April Fools gag; you got us, Wyze! You had us going and made us believe that you had all the tech figured out and made really cool cameras and gadgets. Then on April Fools you revealed to us that you can’t even do a launch right. Limited quantities?? Nothing wrong with that if you know how to release them. Instead, I actually read a comment from someone at Wyze saying that they expected bots were buying up the inventory, but there "should’ also be some “real” customers in there too. Come on! You can make all this cool stuff, but can’t even figure out how to make the checkouts work? How about you either get it in your cart or you don’t ?!? But once you get it in your cart, it’s yours. And if you don’t go through with the sale, it ends up back on the shelf for someone else. But reading all these comments throughout your forum, I can tell that instead there were a bunch of people, myself included, that were lucky enough to FINALLY get all the way to the cart and payment method, just to have to pulled away in the end. Thanks for the April Fools “gag” ; you sure made a fool out of us.