Yet another Wyze Car thread

So all the hoopla over “April fools” not “April fools” was a big nothingburger. People just need to chill a bit and relax. That being said, having a shopping cart system that EVERY SINGLE TIME you release something absolutely crumbles at the load is very sad, pathetic, and telling. This is BASIC technology Wyze folks. I am not going to get all snowflake and tell you I’m never buying your product again because of this, but when you can’t handle the basics of letting people actually buy the product, or at least giving real time “you missed the boat, try again later” messages it means a lot of my impression of your back-end systems. I have worked in the tech field, and in manufacturing, so I understand most of what needs to be happening here, but the solutions are READILY out there, you just need to implement them. You need to get your engineering primates ( :wink: ) to scale your junk up or buy a real service that can handle your peak needs. If you can handle a million plus cams and detect whether a person or package is at my door you should be able to have a shopping cart that works more reliably.

I know it in some ways is great that you have so much demand that the system pukes, but when you have a fan base as…um…sensitive and touchy as yours (see “engineering monkeys” and other threads regarding just the announcement email for reference) the actual purchasing experience should not be so downright frustrating to people, even more so to people who don’t really have an understanding of what the technical side of the shopping carts is.

Personally I had this item in my cart multiple times and watched the system hang and puke when trying to finish the process. Other times it hangs just trying to get it into my cart. “Is it processing the “continue” button? Do I need to reload the terribly slow purchase page? Did the continue button even click? It looks like I clicked it, but it’s not changing. Reload. It says there’s still 87 left…did the button click through now? wait. wait. wait. Dunno. Reload. Still says 87. Click. wait. wait. wait. now it say their gone.” I know I’m not alone in this experience. I would rather have it tell me I wasn’t quick enough on the draw at 2:00:01 than fart around. And while I’m sure you have a decent amount of demand for these types of things, it’s not like it’s a PS5, your system shouldn’t be crushed so easily for this kind of transactional processing with essentially tiny amounts of data.

In the end it’s just a toy car, so I don’t get bent out of shape as if you just shot my dog in front of my children like some people, it is, after all, a very “first world” problem. But it’s also rather frustrating that your basic systems are what prevent things from going through, not a persons effort and timing.

Ah well…21 minutes to go…


And this time it was all the way through, and puked at paypal payment. Then the paypal came up and it was out of stock…on something that was IN MY CART being paid for. Maybe I will become “that guy”. Seriously, you guys stink.

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Trying to get through REPEATED crashes trying to order the Truck on April Fool’s day…I think is just making a lot of us ANGRY. I and a lot of other people have bought a lot of Wyze products…and this is the first time Wyze has let us down with this BAD DECISION to have this once-per-hour lucky crash-a-thon. Please next time…just take pre-orders till you can’t…and we will wait a few months for delivery like ususal. I am now on my third hour try to get one of these damn trucks.

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And this time (4 pm) they INSTANTLY sold out in under 2 seconds. Gone. Nothing. How that can happen with how their system works is mind boggling.


Yeah, pretty poor system – In my cart, but gone before I can pay for it. I still like Wyze, but am thoroughly pissed at them right now.


I tried during the first opening and just did again. I’m not sure how the folks did it who got one, but nothing about this experience has made me happy with Wyze. If I want to buy something, this kind of game is not the way I prefer to do it. I read free shipping then I see huge shipping costs then reduced shipping costs, but never once was I successful in even putting one in my cart to see what the shipping cost roulette would charge me. So I’ll save this $75 or whatever and buy something for my drone. Probably money better spent.

I don’t know of a single site running a viral campaign that doesn’t crash with the load of traffic that happens. I remember Woot dealing with this for years. I definitely don’t blame Wyze for this. I tried every hour and it crashed for me 7 hours in a row. I finally got it to go through on the 8th hour. Honestly I think the thing that saved me was the fact they allowed you to keep the product in your cart. Saved a step each time.