So was Wyze Car the April fools joke, or is Wyze Checkout the Joke? Did anyone actually get one?

So I tried to order right away at 9AM Pacific, had one in my cart, then experienced error after error after error… same for every hour I checked. At 4PM I checked right at 4:00PM, none available. I did the math… 5000/500 = 10. 8AM + 9 hours = 5PM. There should be cars available at 4PM, and 5PM if the email was honest. Did someone make off with 1000 units?

So is there actually a car? Seems pretty elaborate for an April Fools joke… if that’s the case, it I think it was a bad decision, it just makes Wyze look incompetent. If a tech company can’t handle ecommerce, that’s a bad sign.

Did anyone successfully complete an order?


There are countless people here, on their Facebook group, twitter, and reddit that have all snagged them.

Me included. It is very much real. Credit card charged, order confirmation email, the whole thing.


That seems to be common to every Wyze product launch. They don’'t seem to learn from experience.

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how did you do it

Thanks. Figured that was probably the case. Not sure how they could have possibly finished checking out that fast with all those errors, but good for them.

@wolfcorner same here


If you wait until X:00 to refresh, you’re already too late.

I got through to buy 4 today, under four different accounts within my family. Backyard is about to be a really slow RC racetrack!

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I got one on my first attempt at 7 pm. I refreshed at about the 57 second mark, got it in my cart, and the process to check out was slow, but I got my confirmation email and card charge at a few seconds before 7:03.

I had to confirm my address because there was a slight difference between suggested and one saved. I did not use pay pal. I used a cc. On Android, it saves your card info, so I didn’t type anything I just clicked the one that popped up.

Not sure if any of that info helps anyone, but it was worth a shot.

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I am bummed, finally on the last try got it all the way to confirming the order only to find the car out of stock. Black cam was available though, No car no cam! I won’t spend my day trying again ever. :roll_eyes:

Yup, I got mine this morning. It took awhile. You could tell that the servers were overloaded and took a long time to respond. You just had to bang away and be patient.

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Same here, tried all day and only errors during checkout. I’m so fed up with the way this product was released, nothing like my experience with early backing other products.

Between this and the fact that I’m still waiting for my v3’s from the New Years Cam Plus promotion, I’m kinda loosing interest in it all.


Lost me as a buyer! I have better things to do.


It took a few minutes of waiting between each step, but was able to get one. I think? Used Amazon Pay, which charged me already, but no confirmation email from Wyze yet. Doesn’t show up under My Orders yet, but Amazon shows the payment to Wyze. Also noticed they changed the delivery fee from $17.99 to $9.99 after a few hours. Don’t know what final fee will be?

I tried at 9, 10, 11, noon, 3pm. Each time I tried from my iPhone on cellular data and between windows machines and MacBook Pro over fiber internet with no luck. I got through once on my phone to the checkout system and then failed due to no product left in stock. I also got through on my PC but ended up with the same out of stock issue in the cart checkout process. I tried some times to click refresh 10 seconds before the hour, right on the hour, and 10 seconds after the hour with no luck. Joke’s on ME!

I call B.S. on your post!!! Pics, or it didn’t happen.

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I got one too. It’s not BS.

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I was able to get one in my cart on my third hour of trying, but upon checkout it didn’t seem to give Canada as an option. Did anybody get one ordered for shipping to Canada?

It’s true. The Wyze car IS real. Glad to see you admit it. :smirk:

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Aweee lucky I’m in Canada eh? No wyze car for us :frowning: