Wyze Car is a bad joke, not real

The latest Wyze car sale seems to be sad April Fools joke. Even if you click on the car purchase link at exactly the second it reappears each hour, you will be lucky if your screen doesn’t freeze with dots replacing the Add-to-cart button. Even luckier if it you see “Added to cart” with an out-of-stock item in your cart. For a rare few, you may make it to the payment screen only to have that freeze after entering payment info. Next you will see “The next mission begins in 30 minutes, and 20 seconds”.

This happens ever hour. Fool me once…

Sad that the Wyze car page had a nice description, lots of time must have gone into putting that together. Too bad Wyze could not build a reliable shopping cart, who knows if the car would’ve even worked any more reliably if real.

Pretty pathetic to tease loyal followers with this phony promotion


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