Wyze car giveaway contest - 4/1/21

Wyze Car is launching for today only! We have a very limited amount of hardware and wanted to do something fun for our customers. We’re selling a few hundred every hour until they’re gone but the Community Managers at Wyze were able to get our greedy hands on some to share with you! Our Facebook Business page, Instagram, Twitter, subreddit, and Facebook group all have different games with giveaways for this hot, hot product. Check them out!

So here’s the forum game. We want to know what you’re going to name your car! We’ll have winners for the top 3 community favorites by likes, the punniest, the funniest (without being a pun), and the best spy car name. Keep it family-friendly and within our Wyze Community Guidelines to qualify. Submissions must be made before midnight Pacific time tonight to be in the running.

Make sure to hit that heart icon on any name posts that you like!




Great idea for a contest!
I’ll start off with the name “Zoomer” because that car is pretty fast!
I’ll try to think of some others, but I this community will think of many many more cool and funny names!

Edit: Lots of awesome names here!

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Tried to buy one at 11:05 est and no luck. Tried again at exactly 12:00 still no luck. WTH?


I’m naming mine (If I can get one) the Cat Chaser because that’s what I’m using it for :slight_smile: I want to spy on my cats during the day while I’m home and chase them if they are doing something bad.

(I just tried to get one at 9AM Pacific but as soon as they were available it said they were gone again :frowning: )


Same here…the timer just starts again…Absolutely no way…i refresh counting the seconds…it never even said add cart. I was down exactly 1 second …

Exactly! No way they sold 500 in 10 seconds.


I’m made it to check out 2 times, the first time I was being charged shipping of $8.90 and the 2nd go around they were charging $37.98 for shipping. Whats up with that?

Btw… Check out failed both times


Smart Car


I was counting down with 1 second

Wait…did you get a Wyze car ?

OK, WTF is going on with this deal? I know it’s limited stock, but this is crazy.

I was waiting for the initial launch at 8:00 PST. A little late, but there it was. I put a car in my cart, and at the time, it said shipping was FREE. Car shows in my cart, but now shows shipping of $5.99 (maybe $7.99). Anyway, I’m going to purchase and worry about that later. Then the site starts crashing like crazy. There one minute, “down for maintenance” the next. Finally back in the shopping cart, and it tells me my address is invalid (I’ve ordered a ton of Wyze products and never had that issue). Finally it seems OK with my address, but it will never send me to PayPal to make payment. And, of course, finally it says my item is out of stock.

Round two, 9:00 PST. Car still in my cart, and still out of stock. But now it says shipping is $17.99. Still, I try to check out. Nothing but spinning wheels, and… out of stock. Also had the timer immediately reset to round 3 for a while.

If this is “fun” for your customers, I don’t want to know what isn’t fun!

Hopefully things get sorted out in the upcoming rounds!!!


We have multiple thousand people refreshing the site at the top of the hour so they are legitimately selling very quickly! I don’t know how many would be bots but I know real customers are in there. :slight_smile:

The shipping thing was a mistake. There was always supposed to be shipping and we fixed that. However, if you purchased when the site and app still said free shipping and were charged, please reach out to customer support so we can take care of you. :slight_smile:

Wyze Customer Support


Nope, check out failed on the first round… it was stuck at processing payment. And on the 2nd round they were charging me 38 bucks for shipping and I cancelled it at that point.

Rovnavica Mk1


So what is U.S. shipping supposed to be?

Wow! Hopefully I can snag one throughout the day! :smiley:

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Been trying since 8 o’clock. getting sick of this [MOD EDIT].

MOD NOTE: Post edited to conform to the Community Guidelines.

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ToadyMobile because our dog is named Totoro , Toady is nick name!


That’s good to know about the shipping issue… a little late but … thanks. I’ll be trying again.

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