VROOM? V2? rc?

More like a major failure. I’m happy for the 5000 people that were able to snag one, but there are A LOT of pissed off people. The Wyze website needs an overhaul.

For everyone commenting on these boards saying “I don’t think this was a real product or it was just an April Fools joke”, it’s almost impossible that it would be a prank.

Why? Because they actually charged customers money for it and if they did that intentionally that means they committed a crime. Anyone disagree with this? So I can’t imagine they would take the chance of being sued without a real product they were selling.


No doubt it’s a real product. It’s just the way the released it was really frustrating and that was the prank. They should’ve used a better cart system that prevented customer frustration

Agreed, I had one in my cart several different times with several hundred left to sell (all happening with two minutes lol). Which means they weren’t using a true “cart system” where once you have one in your cart it’s yours for a certain amount of time. 'it’s just sad that they pissed so many people off.

Real—I was able to order one, not a joke! Can’t wait for it to get here!!


The car is real, but many people bought it so it sold out fast! There’s still some contests to win some cars. More information here:


Definitely real, I ordered one after trying all day, and was able to process an order on the last batch. Got lucky!

I feel that more than just their website needs an overhaul

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How about adding a camera mount to the vacuum. Or provide a vacuum mod kit to add bigger wheels and fine rotate controls. It would be awesome for the remote car to be able to go for a run and recharge itself. IT could use much of the same programming to provide a patrol function with Cam plus to identify People, add a Dog bark wav and a good speaker and you have Fido the roving guard dog.
Great to patrol empty homes

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What if you dont have a Facebook, Twiter, Subreddit, Instagram account? You have to be on social media to see the info???

I got one too. :smiley:

If a contest requires it, yes.

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Speaking of contest…what happened to it? I haven’t seen anything since they closed that thread.

I believe the responses are still being looked at.

Ebay took off the listings because it violated their! policies. You can’t sell a pre-sale for more than 30 days. You will probably see a lot of listings in May if a shipping date was established.


That is too funny. :rofl: I thought it was being sold for $2000.00 but NOoo :astonished:
It was bid up to $2K by 46 users. :woman_shrugging:


I was feeling petty as xxxx last week and first thing I did the next day was to look up Wyze car on eBay and reported the listings immediately. You can’t sell something you don’t physically have possession of unless it’s a presale item and the customer can receive it within 30 days of purchasing it on eBay. Which won’t be until at least June or July :slight_smile: Makes me a bit happier after all of the craziness.

I’m sure a large percentage of them will be sold online which is perfectly fine. There’s not a whole lot you can do to prevent this sort of thing I’m guessing.


Brei, no clickable link


I was lucky enough to get one on the fourth attempt. The checkout was were I had trouble, it would time out or kick back an error. I’ve experienced the same while attempting to purchase other limited release items such as sneakers from companies like Nike and Adidas. I think they have now changed over to the “queue” method but at the end of the day you’ll still have upset customers that weren’t able to get the item. Just how it goes.