Sell Wyze Car Again

As a victim of the poorly orchestrated special sale of the ‘Truck’, I would love to know if this thing will be offered again and is it possible to pre-order as most products are.

Really want that truck guys… No BS…

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Yes please Wyze! I am sad I missed out on the Wyze Car Pre-order. I really want to get this car and hope that Wyze will sell it again!


Took me 6 hours of trying and I finally got one of the little suckers. First few times, they were gone in less than a minute.

I did call Wyze Customer Service and asked them what in the world were they thinking about testing the bandwith. 3 hours I got caught in the order accepted and paying through my Amazon account. I switched and then the 4 time to pay with credit card. It worked… barely.

I would hate to see the stats and taking down their merchandise server over a $50 “truck” for over 8 hours. I would have gladly bought more merchandise that day, but didn’t because my truck would be gone if I didn’t check out.



I need one


I’m like a kid who didn’t get the toy he always wanted. I sure hope to see one like it again.


I share those sentiments… But, if past results indicate future plausibility then it will continue to be a wish rather than a reality


It was a real bummer. I had the truck in my cart within a second and while the confirmation was loading the stock was gone. Every hour on the hour this happened. I’ve been dealing with Bots and the GPU market I didn’t think I would have to fight bots for an RC truck.


I am in hopes that they will produce more of them


I’m not a fan of quick sales like this with so many people being left out that would also like to purchase the item. It doesn’t leave a good impression with me. Very disappointed.


HELLO all…
I won’t a WYZE CAR! Sorry I missed the first batch.
Please Please Please, let me know it comes back.
I plan on being first in line to order 1 or 2…
If I need to ill drive to your office to pick it up.
And will i am there maybe i can get a few other things…
I have several of your products, and I plan to get more…


I WAS sick and i missed it i need 1


i was very sick and i missed the wyze car sell i reallly need 1


Bring back the Wyze camera car.


I agree. I missed the first order too. I can’t image how though, I’m normally checking the store at least every other day. No matter, It would be nice to hear from Wyze about another round of orders. Please Wyze staff gives us a possible ETA if you plan on another round of Wyze Car. Thankyou

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Victim? :joy: That’s funny man!

I wouldn’t call myself a victim but this is the first time I’m even coming on here SINCE that experience with the RC Car… probably one of the last too!
I even RECEIEVED a payment process receipt yet DENIED the order of the RC car. !'m like WTF!!! lol :joy:

Definitely ripped off the veneer of high value I put on Wyze… It’s a shame :cry:

but again I digress… no one put a gun to my head and forced me to lose a whole day of work for the RC Car. Maybe I am more upset at myself for getting hyped over a receipt. I use to think that was a valid proof of purchase, was it not?

So, naturally I have also since then stopped recommending Wyze to everyone I know.

Hey! at least Wyze thanked me for understanding! Hahahaha
I still don’t get it but whatever… I’m not a victim, just a sucker! AND never give a sucker an even break! (WC fields)

PS. My other Wyze products are still working good, but every time I see them it reminds me of that friggin day and that friggin RECIEPT! :laughing:

This is why I want the Wyze Car to come back. I’d rather have one made by Wyze to go along with my Wyze app.
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I agree, we need more cars!!!

Yes, we do… Should be a regular seller

Just chiming in, I too want a Wyze car and I hope Wyze will offer it for sale again.

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Yes, these types of limited preorder sales are what has pretty much put Massdrop out of business. They had great products, but good luck trying to get one. People finally gave up on the site and the company almost went out of business. It is just a tiny shell of what it once was. Either offer the product for sale or piss off a TON of potential long term customers. Nuff said.

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