Sell Wyze Car Again

if you have it on your website to sell, but say not available. Just take off your shop website. Or tell us when it is available. Or piss off another user

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How in the world did I miss it. I just checked my email too and nothing. Urgh Such a cool thing. I want one now! Please Please Please bring it back. How much was it anyway?

$49.99 I believe and only 5,000 available on April 1st.

Can we get another chance to purchase the Robot?


I was online 39 seconds prior to the car going on sale, and spent the next 6 hours trying to buy one. I would sure like to know when I can order one. I got the feeling that people were ordering large quantities of these, and that is why they went so fast. I think that people should only be able to buy one at a time.

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I love my new Wyze car! Was hoping to purchase more however this was a one time product. Anyone else want this Wyze car to come back!?


Will wyze just tells us yes or no, if the car is coming back or not.

Interesting the Wyze still has its shopping site. But you can’t buy it.


Honestly its not “that” great. Its “neat” but is is really really slow, has a pretty wide turning radius and very little power. I am enjoying it for what it is, but I doubt it will drive over grass unless its really short.

It’s fun and interesting and cool use of Wyze tech but I don’t think I would buy it, had I played with one first. I’ll probably end up selling it on EBay after I lose interest in a few weeks.


Here is a pic of the inside. I am switching out the H bridge chips(the 8 pin fellas) for 12V versions. The 5V power is just too anemic. The Control IC is cool though. I was not familiar with those. Will try and dump it at some point if I can.

At full load, it draws maybe one amp at 5V from the powerbank but that was if I really held the wheels.

Wyze car - Album on Imgur <-link to gallery

@ franko

For attempting to dump the firmware

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Thank you

I have a device for it. Just have not had time.

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Do a third run of the Wyze Car…it was very popular. And if you do a secret run, at least send out an email that more are coming and to watch for them on certain days. A lot of people are selling theirs on eBay for astronomical prices…opening the window again would hit that market well…

Third run? …was there a SECOND run? :pensive:

Yes, according to the weekly shipping update, there was a secret window opening on June 21 or 22 that you had to be on the website to see it. I even had subscribed to be notified for further availability and wasn’t. They are on eBay for astronomical amounts, some people apparently bought several…not right. I have several Wyze items and I am so disappointed. I chatted with a rep yesterday and she checked to see if any more might be available and came back and said she was sorry. Oh well. I am watching all those listed on eBay that have make offers on them. Just had one send out a 10% reduction from $250…HA HA…wrote back and told them to let me know when they have a reasonable price. This one includes a V2 Black camera and a 32 gb SD card. Including shipping, not worth more than $100 or so.

I too want a car!
I buy almost everything from Wyze but I missed the car! Then they email mail me telling me I missed it again!
That’s just wrong! Bad taste!
Cameras are boring, I need the car, make more!

Also if you make an item for car security, you will be richer!

How much do you offer for mine? It’s really slow, loses connection and has little to no power to go over the carpet.

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Wyze Car available today while supplies last! :+1:

As the Car was up on the Site…What a Crap show since the site Crashed…now a Queue is running (like Sony Site for PS/5). Wave 1 Sold Out and Wave 2 started.
BTW - Did purchase 2 from 1st offered and was seeing on the round 2 how Wyze would handle there next release :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Does it work with the V3 Camera?

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No, only works with V2