Wyze Car Shipped 6/15/21

Wyze Car

Sold Out

90% of preorders have shipped.

Wyze Car orders should ship by 6/18.

Notes for Wyze Car

We’ve started shipping these limited-edition products yesterday. Get ready early by downloading the Wyze Car app from the Google Play Store or App Store and you’ll be ready to ride when your package arrives in the next few days. :racing_car::dash:

Wyze Car

  • Was set to start shipping by 6/18.

:point_right: Started shipping on 6/15, and will finish by 6/18


My car is out for shipping. I downloaded the app. Anyone know if we are supposed to use our Wyze login or create a new login specific to the car?

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I was one of the first to order my car (one of those that took advantage of the website glitch). According to Wyze, they ship preorders in the sequence they were received (support email received on 6-17). If 90% of orders have been shipped, why is my order still showing and Pick/Pack?

Support (Chris) is still saying that they are shipping batteries and will start shipping car next week (he is lying or woefully misinformed).

Wyze has demonstrated over the years that they lack the professionalism that should be displayed by a reputable company, but to not have customer support that provides accurate and up-to-date information is sad.

If you ordered using the glitch before the sale went live, then I think those were moved to the end. I could be wrong, but from what I understood in reading the forums and info posted by Wyze employees that the people who did that threw off the number of cars they could sell each hour, and when the orders were shipping they were going to start with when the sale went live first and move chronologically. So the people who ordered before it went live, will be the last to ship.

But again, I could be wrong - that’s just an inference I drew from reading through forums.

Mine shipped Tuesday with an eta of 6/22. However, tracking shows it arrived at the FedEx hub one town over today. Hoping it will arrive tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:t5:

That would make sense, and I am not mad at them if that is the case, but you would think that a customer support agent (Chris) could have given me that answer. Why it takes going to a public forum to learn that this was even a possibility.

Let’s also be clear, the people, like myself, who found & used the glitch didn’t “throw off the numbers”. The underqualified coder who wrote the website for this flash sale is to blame. Hopefull, he/she/they are currently not with Wyze.

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@R.Good got his today

I am waiting on mine. Fedex said it would be here today. Stuck in Georgia

Yes, everyone should know the car takes a separate “Wyze Car” app, and it should be available now in both the Apple & Google stores.

I don’t see any reason why you can’t go either way. I personally used my normal Wyze logon. That way the camera is still available from my normal Wyze app (although I don’t have much need to view it from there).

Squeaky wheel for the win. Label is printed and now just waiting for the good folks at FedEx to receive. Thank you Wyze.

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I was wondering about that, too. If the camera can be used by the car and then go back to what I usually use it for when I’m not using the car. If I have to buy another cam, I will, but was hoping I could swap back and forth between using it for the car and bird feeder watching. :joy:

The camera is powered by the car but does not interface with the car. You should be able to swap at your leisure.

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I believe the car is controlled thru the serial port connection that also powers the camera. In any case, the car cam does use special firmware, but the video can still be viewed using the normal production app.

You can change the firmware back to standard V2 firmware, although returning to the standard firmware was a manual flash on the final version of the app.


Thanks! And I used my Wyze login for the car app login without issue. Now I’m just waiting for it to get here. Impatiently. :joy: :joy: :joy:

I bought mine in the 8th hour, first try. I kept missing the prior releases by a couple of minutes (they sold out quick every hour) but the 8th hour I was ready 5 minutes early and watched the seconds on my phone and refreshed at the 58 second mark. Had no troubles with checkout, but had a card saved and ready to go. I know I got REAL lucky.

Good to know. I may just buy a new V3 for the bird watching. :joy: We’ll see.

From what i read, the camera has a special firmware installed for the car to work. This is for the app using it as a POV. You can always reset the v2 camera with original firmware.

you can purchase the wyze cam black

I guess they put it back up since the cars are being delivered and a lot of people skipped buying one. They need to put the battery pack up for sale too.

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It’s the “ever increasing limited edition” Wyze Cam Black


I did not see the range that you can control the car, anyone knows how far you can drive and still be within range? I figure with it being connected via wifi to the phone range would be limited. Thanks.