Will you sell your wyze car?

The plot thickens! :smirk:

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Any idea why eBay took it down?

Are you talking about the one that ended for $175 or another one?

Which one is yours? :shushing_face:

$175 hopefully is just someone leaving money on the table! Mine will be sold with a black Wyze Cam (brand new), but I won’t list until I have mine in-hand. I don’t like the listings from those that are waiting to receive. Too many things could go wrong (although unlikely). I think the $1,000+ price might be a bit optimistic. It seems like the hype which drove a $2,000 bid on April 1 has died off, but maybe some of the hype could come back in once there are some YouTube vids of people playing with theirs.

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Got mine today… has been setup and is charging awaiting it’s first mission.

The only place you will see the WORV posted is on the WYZE Forum with some action shots :smiley:


Installing Wyze car app now

You might be the first to receive it! Does it look like a good quality product? Where is the unboxing video? :grinning:

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The $175 wasn’t taken down. It sold. I highly doubt the $1500 one will sell unless reviews are exceptional enough to create new buzz. Will be interesting to see how that $500 range fluctuates as more people get them in hand. :thinking:

Nope! Waiting to see how the market develops. :joy:

Not sure why you are talking about “taken down”. Do you know what “leaving money on the table” is? I think that $175 is low, hence why it was bought so quickly. Unfortunately, when people set their BuyItNow prices too low, it creates a precedent on eBay and we may need to wait awhile for that price to flush out or people’s targets. I think the $450-500 may be the floor for real sellers who know how to use eBay (I still am optimistic), but I don’t think there will be much selling until listings show actual products (rather than stock photos).

Seems solid… nice suspension, a little smaller than I had expected.
Small amount of assembly required. 10 screws, comes with a small phillips head.
The camera mount is a little touchy to snap on, so pay special attention.

Yea, no unboxing videos for me, but heres the unboxed and the box😁


I am wondering how much a very used one will go for :sweat_smile:

So is the battery black or white?


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Can you put a yard stick by it or something to show us size? Also, does it feel like cheap china plastic?

Someone earlier was asking about it being taken down. Whoever posted the buy it now for $175 left money on the table however luckily it’s not showing in searches anymore. The real action won’t start for a few days. :raised_hands:t4:

$500 is still not enough for me to sell. If things get crazy you could still make money if you bought one at that price.

Also, @WyzeGwendolyn will there be any spare parts for sale in the future???

I don’t disagree. My target for Car+Cam is $1,000+ but I already intend to immediately invest that in a combination of crypto assets and shoot for a 10x on that investment. That would put my ~$87 investment into $10,000. A part of me wants to put it into a micro-cap asset with a 100x potential but I am not sure if I want to risk profits, chasing the big money.

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Feels like a $50 toy RC car.

Its no Traxxas