Wyze Car Shipped 6/15/21

I don’t know how far you can control it, but the WiFi range is not limited to your home WiFi. You can do a direct connect WiFi between your device and the car, and thus control it on a camping trip, for instance. This means the range of something like your house WiFi will never be a limitation.

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It is wifi direct. It goes up to 200ft I believe. I wish it also included my home wifi so I could control it from my office and get it to go all over my yard.


It will run from your home/office WiFi, OR WiFi direct. So in theory you could drive it from your home WiFi until it loses contact, then switch it to WiFi direct to continue.


I am glad it works both ways.

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Ya know, the Black one is only in V2 and the car can only use V2 0 black or white.

Here’s an unboxing and setup video for you!


Really good video. Can’t wait to see part 2

Mine is allegedly on a truck for delivery. Fingers crossed.

Mine too

How long for full charge?

Depends on which battery bank they gave you.

One is smooth on one side, has a 3-digit display of battery percentage, and has the USB connectors one over the other. This one will recharge @ maybe 10% an hour on a 1A source. A 2A source will not make it faster.

One has grooved lines on both sides, a 4-dot display, and the USB connectors are side-by-side. That one should recharge twice as fast on a 2A source. Even though you can’t see the battery percentage, that would be about 10% every half hour.

Some other things about the banks: They both turn off with a double-click of the power switch. You can also turn off the car by unplugging it. The battery will turn off in 30 seconds when there is no current draw.

Both have type-C ports too. On the 3-digit percentage bank the type-C port is input-only. On the 4-dot bank it is bidirectional.

Also, it doesn’t matter what USB port you plug the car into on either bank.


I left it over night… not sure.

Been playing with it off and on today and still at 4 “bars”


Mine has 4 dots. Great information! Thanks.


Finally posting part 2 of the video - shows some driving footage and what things look like in the app.


Is there going to be a part three video where you get frustrated at it.

Hahahaha - maybe - or he’ll cross-compare with one of his other RC cars

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Great video. He is a future star for sure.
Put the car to the test. I mean drag some LEGO’s or cross some Lincoln logs.

I used in the:

yard (crappy):-1:
Driveway :+1:
Grass :-1:
Sticks :-1:
Uphill :crossed_fingers:
Dirt :crossed_fingers:
Water or mud :-1::-1:
Turning :crossed_fingers:
Response time in app :crossed_fingers:
Downhill :-1::-1: (so too top heavy)
Direct sunlight :grimacing:
Range :crossed_fingers:( mine lost connection down a hill and went into street :open_mouth:. Luckily there were no kids on their 4 wheelers taking aim :flushed:)

For those of us who won a Wyze car, rather than ordered one, will we get shipping notices? I’d like to know when to expect delivery, as we are moving this week


Congratulations on winning a car!