Pre-order Shipping Update 1/13/21


Preorder Shipment Update #6

Week of 1/13/2021!

Hey, friends!

Jimmy here - I’m a Community Manager here at Wyze, and when I’m not sending you blue heart emojis on our social media, writing these emails is what keeps my days interesting!

Here’s another weekly look into our preorder manufacturing and shipping so you can stay up-to-date on the status of your preordered items. :person_tipping_hand:

First, some weekly reminders.

  • Have you entered the Witness Protection Program since you placed your preorder? Has your name or address changed for some other reason? If so, please contact our support team ASAP! We’ll need the right info so we know where to ship to.

  • Just wanna be clear, the dates that you see in these emails are estimates for when your devices will ship . Once we ship your devices out, they’re in the hands of our shipping carrier and are on their way to you. From there, it’ll just be a little longer before you get your shiny new product. Please give your package 4-14 business days to complete its journey!

  • Not in the Contiguous US? If you’re in Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, it could take up to 2-4 weeks to get your package to you. We’ve tried teaching our shipping partners how to teleport but it doesn’t seem to have worked. :worried:

Ready for this week’s updates? Alright, let’s go! :point_down:

NEW! - Quick summary.

Here’s a quick summary of what changed this week for those not interested in the details.

Wyze Cam v3:

  • Orders 11/27 - 12/5 used to say should ship by 1/22…

:point_right: Orders 11/27 - 12/6 should ship by 1/22.

Wyze Video Doorbell:

  • Used to say shipping starts by early February…
    :point_right: Orders will start shipping by 1/29.

Wyze Robot Vacuum:

  • Shipping has temporarily paused.

Wyze Cam v3


80% of preorders have shipped.

Orders from November 27th - December 6th
Should ship by 1/22.

Orders from December 7th - December 22nd

Should ship by 2/6.

Notes for Wyze Cam v3

We’re a little ahead of our schedule from last week! If you placed your order on December 6th, your device is now planned to ship by the 22nd of this month. It looks like we may also be able to get a few orders from December 7th to ship in the same timeframe, while the remainder will ship by February 6th. :dancer:

Note: Wyze Cam v3 is still temporarily out-of-stock so we can focus on fulfilling the rest of the preorders ASAP.

Wyze Thermostat


100% of preorders have been shipped.

All of the outstanding preorders for Wyze Thermostat have shipped!

New orders are expected to ship within our normal 1-3 day window until preorders end.

Notes for Wyze Thermostat

Wyze Thermostat preorders are still open for a bit longer to allow more people to get in on the special preorder pricing before our inventory starts being affected by the new tariffs. We’re able to ship these within our normal timeframe of 1-3 days at this time.

Wyze Video Doorbell


These haven’t started shipping yet.

Orders should begin shipping by 1/29 !

We will have more specific dates for for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

Notes for Wyze Video Doorbell

Manufacturing Wyze Video Doorbells is going quite well and we’re feeling confident enough to estimate that their shipping should be able to begin ahead of schedule - by 1/29. :heart_eyes:

We’ll be able to get more specific with estimates based off of specific order dates once the shipping starts. Hope you’re excited!

Wyze Robot Vacuum


87% of preorders have shipped.

Shipping has temporarily paused

Limited reshipped orders from November 10th
Stay tuned for updates. See notes for details.

Orders from December 6th - December 22nd
Stay tuned for updates. See notes for details.

Notes for Wyze Robot Vacuum

We have temporarily paused additional shipments for Wyze Robot Vacuum.

We’re currently working on a firmware issue that can prevent setting up Wyze Robot Vacuum after a certain date in the near future. If you have your Wyze Robot Vacuum in a box somewhere at home, please set it up as soon as possible to avoid being impacted!

We’ll pick up where we left off with shipping orders once a firmware update is ready to address this issue. We’re optimistic that this will be ready in the next few days.

We did some research and found a small number of orders placed on November 10th that didn’t complete their journey to their first stop after a tracking number was sent to you. We’re gonna need to be reship new devices for these orders, so we’ve stuck them at the top of our list.

We plan to automatically process the replacements for these orders as soon as the firmware issue above is fixed, and no action will be required on your part . We’re really sorry about the lost packages, and we’ll keep you posted here when we start resending these orders!

Wyze Sprinkler Controller


These haven’t started shipping yet.

Shipping starts by early February. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

Notes for Wyze Sprinkler Controller

We’re still expecting the app update for Wyze Sprinkler Controller to be ready near the end of January, which means shipping will start either late January or early February. :rose::shower:

Wyze Watch


These haven’t started shipping yet.

Wyze Watches are set to start shipping in February. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

We appreciate your patience!

Wyze Home Monitoring Hardware


These haven’t started shipping yet.

The new generation of Wyze Sense is estimated to begin shipping in March. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

This includes Core Starter Kits as well as additional Entry Sensors, Motion Sensors, and Keypads.

Ordered Wyze Cams with your Wyze Home Monitoring equipment? They’ll ship separately as soon as they’re in stock.

Wyze Plug Outdoor


These haven’t started shipping yet.

Our newest Wyze product is set to start shipping by early February. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

Notes for Wyze Plug Outdoor

The app update that adds support for Wyze Plug Outdoor is going to be ready near the end of January, alongside Wyze Sprinkler Controller. We’ll start shipping ASAP after, which will be during or before early February.

You should see users start plugging in their Wyze Plug Outdoor devices very soon! :electric_plug:
Alright, that was a lot of words. I’m going to get a glass of water, see you next week!

– Jimmy from Wyze


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When can we put in new orders for the doorbell and watch?

Wyze website still show the v3 as “available January 2021”, when will we be able to order more? Will it be January or will it be pushed back ?

Is the setup date issue for the vacuum something that can be overcome by back dating the date on my phone when I set up the vacuum? It seems that FedEx has decided to take my vacuum out for a test drive instead of delivering it. Was initially scheduled for delivery on Wednesday, then it changed to Thursday delivery. Now it just says Pending on the FedEx site and has been stuck in Kansas since Wednesday evening. I’m guessing it’s held up do to some bad weather and roads in that area. I’m just getting a little concerned as the 1/20 date approaches and there hasn’t been a package status update for the past few days.

I am becoming more frustrated seeing others have received their V3’s when I haven’t. I ordered 2 of them to see the upgrade from my V2’s the day they released the pre-order emails to all of us owners. I also only live 30 minutes away from Wyze’s distribution warehouse. Come on Wyze, send out my [mod edit] order…

@JustTheWayItGoes I have moved your post here to the latest shipping update. If based on the timeframes listed here your order is late or lost, please contact Customer Support (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT.

It’s moving again. There’s hope!

So I’m confused. Does Wyze not email pre-order customers directly to let them know of shipping delays?

I never got an email saying it’s delayed, so I’m just sitting here expecting my Home Monitoring Kit in February. I go to the Wyze shop and it is still saying it ships in February. But then I just happened to check here to see it’s delayed until March?

Any reason you guys can’t email the list of people that pre-ordered and also update your website? Or am I reading something wrong? image|230x500

The shipping update in this post was also sent via email to those with outstanding preorders. Theyve been going out weekly.

It came from “Jimmy from Wyze” at if that helps.

I haven’t gotten anything. I have several emails from Wyze. Nothing about my pre-order though. It wasn’t in my spam either. Can you see why that may be?

I dont work for wyze. Just a customer like you trying to help out.

I also literally just got another update email from them dated 1/20 (its after midnight where I am so thats yesterday)

My order of x2 Wyze V3 cameras shipped!!! Hip-Hip, Hooray!!! Lol
Looking forward to buttoning up my security and being able to sleep better

Can someone explain the Wyze watch delay? I keep getting emails saying no updates on Wyze watch but got delayed till April?! Also, This post says March. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you can’t delay a launch by 2 months and not contact your people and explain why.

Well aren’t you just awesome! Thanks for your reply!

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Can you tell me why I don’t get email updates for the shipping updates?