Wyze (camera) rover

This is a great idea! It’ll sure give some competition to that Ring drone!
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Hello, LonnieM.
My nephew has done something similar with a rover and two cell phones. The cell phone carried by the rover could be replaced with a battery-powered Pan Cam.

Picture 1 was taken by me of the rover in the crawl space under the house.

Picture 2 is my picture of the rover inspecting the work of my niece plugging mouse and rat access openings into the house walls. The partial outline of the rover can be seen left of the center.

Victor Maletic


Saw the email about the sale on April 1 (which stated it was no April Fools). Has this wishlist been fulfilled?

Is this your answer?

(Could be a joke)

@LonnieM you might be interested:

I waited for the latest countdown to reach zero, went to buy and it was supposedly sold out. Either this isn’t actually available, or it is more popular than a mid to high end graphics card.

It’s available, but many people were interested. You can still win with this contest:

I would say its not the answer, because it doesn’t fulfill the criteria:

I would say we update this wishlist with what we want that wasn’t on the one time offered rc car…

Internet connection - ability to control via web, so i can be out of country and drive the car around via the app to see my whole place

Charging station - one that it can return to automatically if running low on power

Century mode - ability to go a pre planned route at specific time intervals and trigger alerts if anything looks different than before (would require radar, lidar, or sensor array needed as well as onboard memory)

Many of these are accomplished by the robot vacuum already so it doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult… not to mention they now have overwhelming market research showing how popular a car type product would be, whether they meant it to be a test product or not.

This can be done. The car can connect to your internet and controlled remotely. The car can also be connected directly to your phone and controlled that way in case you don’t have internet where you’re driving the car.


This is not true, it connects directly to the phone, it can not be controlled remotely.

From product page: Wifi Direct - Play Anywhere
Travel around anywhere inside or outside your home with no fear of losing signal. WiFi Direct connects Wyze Car directly to your phone so you’re not tethered to your home’s WiFi.

It does connect to your home’s WIFI it doesn’t seem to be mentioned there.

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Did you beta test this? Do you actually have one? This was discussed a bunch yesterday and the consensus was that it could not be operated if you weren’t in range with you phone, I am now super curious if it can actually be controlled remotely over wifi - is there any way to get a confirmation on this? @WyzeGwendolyn

I can confirm that it does connect to your mobile device directly or your home network like a regular Wyze camera.

@Brlepage whats the consensus now that its been a year, can you control the car remotely via your home network?

You can. I have a car and I did this to confirm.

really? I contacted support to verify and they told me that it can not be remotely controlled by a wifi network, that the phone connects directly to the car - to be super clear, i mean you are in a different country and can control the car via the app to drive around you house.

if you wouldn’t mind testing this i was just thinking you wouldn’t have to leave the house, simply shut off the wifi on your phone, open the app on your phone that is connected via cell signal, and try to control the car…if this worked i would order one today!

Robot cart, Programer patrole route. Motion capture pan and scan?

Would love the ability to create a patrole route for the Cart that would also have motion activated stop and video mode. For say 90 seconds, befor it continues on its patrole route. If a pan and scan camera was intergrated into the cart it could stop and tract the object/person in movement. Be a fantastic little security robot for building perimeter. If you could also have a docking/recharge station kind of like a robot Vacine. The bit could be set to,patrole every 15/30/60/90/120 mins

Autonomous Robot with Camera

I would like to see a camera (Wzye Cam 3?) attached to an indoor robot that will autonomously wander around my house checking out all the rooms it can travel into. If it see’s something out of the ordinary like a door or window open it will take a picture and alert me. I should have the ability to log onto and take remote control of the robot with a live view from the camera. Once the robot has done it’s perimeter check it should automatically return to it base station to recharge.

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wyze truck or mobile camera

I would love to see a remote controlled vehicle that I can leave outside on a power charging dock that would allow me to remotely pilot it and take a look at my house when I am gone. Security cameras do a great job at looking out but don’t look towards the house. Plus if I get a security notification I can hop onto the wye app and drive the vehicle over to check it out.

Transform the Wyze car from a worthless toy to an invaluable security device

The Wyze Car is just a worthless toy because it can only be used for at most 2 hours so you can not use it as a security device. Please make it work with the Wyze Cam Outdoor which can last for up to 30 days! That way user could use it as a mobile security camera while away. I travel 2 to 3 weeks at a time and I bought the Wyze car thinking I could use it to check on my pets and home while away and was extremely disappointed when I found out it dies after just a few hours even if you do not login or use the car or camera. You could even add the solar panel on top and then park the car in the sunlight to recharge it .

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