Have you ever used a wyze cam v3 to record the day of a wyze robot vacuum?

I see my vacuum start cleaning at 8 am and then go into the bedroom and clean every room. It makes the house cleaner and reduces my workload so I can go and do other work.

My dog watches it every time and is very curious and feels that life is more interesting with a vacuum.

To answer the question in your title, some users have done this and it looks pretty cool.

I would suggest placing the camera on top of the LIDAR sensor (round thing on top), but nothing blocking the sides of it. The vacuum uses this sensor(and others) to map your home.

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Happy Anniversary @Brlepage and thanks for the tag

It was a lot of fun… had a little trial and error. The gotcha on the camera on the WRV (obviously the Outdoor cam works best for this) when the WRV goes under items, it will get knocked off :slight_smile: I didn’t want to affix the camera to the WRV in any way seeing how the best spot was atop the LIDAR cover.

The weight of the WCO and the speed of the WRV allows for a pretty stable platform unless you have big bumps (thresholds, rugs, etc…) so I picked an open spot that had minimal speed bumps.

I have also tracked it using all the cameras in my home. The LIDAR is interesting to see bouncing off things in the dark. You know… have pandemic lock down, you make entertainment.

And also… this

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Hi guys, i was just coming to ask that, if i can attach one of my Wyze camera to my WRV, i just got it yesterday, i am impressed. I connect the camera using a power bank. They should had the capability for you to connect a camera if you wanted via USB… Like the Wyze Car!