I had to do it... WCO and WYZE Robot Vacuum

Wanna go for a ride???


Pretty cool to see what my pets are going to see when I strap them to the vacuum (j/k). Tempting to strap a laser pointer on the vacuum for my cats’ entertainment as it moves around the room though. I gave my daughter one of these for Christmas:
We’ll have to try setting that on the vacuum and make it mobile. Could make for an entertaining video having cats pounce around in front of the camera/vacuum every few seconds.

I liked the video a lot better when I had it stopped/paused and was able to slowly move the video frame by frame instead of superman timelapse speed. :slight_smile:

Yea, I had to edit the video a bit, was initially to big to upload.

May not need it… lidar.

Not sure if our cat has come from upstairs to meet the new cleaning friend.

Interesting, I thought it would be in the basically invisible spectrum.
That video also makes it so fast it looks more like a flashing light than a moving one. Are you sure the V2 isn’t just picking up the light in night vision mode? Can you clearly see the Lidar on yours while it’s on? Mine hasn’t come in yet…I bought mine on the second or third day…Wife was still debating it for a while.

Yes invisible. I cannot see it when running. I am sure it was only picked up by the night vision. No clue if fur friends can see it or not. But it was interesting to see the lidar on the video the next morning when I was reviewing my motion clips.

You can see it on my couch at the end of the time laps too, at the end also in night vision.

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I looked it up:

  • Human sight has a range from 400nm to 750nm on the light spectrum.
  • Cat sight has a range that “ventures into the UV but not beyond ~320nm” and a maximum similar to ours around ~750nm. Except that they are mostly colorblind (mostly sees in greys and blues).
  • Lidar wavelengths are 905nm, 940nm, and 1550nm. Which is outside the range of both humans and cats (and dogs).

Guess I’ll be needing that laser pointer after all…well, except that the vacuum itself might be tempting to play with simply because it moves around by itself. Although, my cats used to live with 2 Ferrets (they died of old age this fall) and the cats all quickly learned that not everything is actually fun to swat (or they’ll get bit and then it is not fun anymore), and so sometimes it can be best to just get along with things instead :rofl: (and then they were friends and would just take turns chasing each other without swatting/biting).

Laster dots never give retaliation bites, so they are still fun. :heart_eyes_cat:


Thanks for the info. I feel better about my little dogs. We have an old roomba that never really worked very well. It had a very hard time getting lined up properly for docking to the base.
I just got an email letting me know that mine vacuum is shipping today. Looking forward to playing with it.
Anyway, the dogs never played with it, they just sat and watched it meander aimlessly around the room.

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Nice! Thank you @carverofchoice. I was looking for some info for @mvb from my lidar video post and didn’t find as much as you did, I probably should have just looked at laser specs vs. lidar and pets :slight_smile:
Glad they are fur friendly.

My daughters cat rarely leaves the upstairs, and I mostly wanted the WRV for the main floor that is 85% not carpeted.

@carverofchoice you could just hang a string and feather off the back and throw a WCO on there and watch the fun happen.

I suppose another point to my video is how smooth the WRV operates… I only sat the WCO on top of the lidar shield on the vac, I did not secure it in any way… and it stayed on. The vac spun, changed directions, bounced off a few walls, chairs, a computer, went over a carpet threshold and on a large rubberized rug for my computer chair on carpet and the WCO cowboyed up :cowboy_hat_face:and stay on the whole time. 15ish minutes.