The Vaccuum: Is it any good?

I’m talking about the robot vaccuum about whether it’s good or not. I bought one off of Amazon (not Wyze) that died after one use). The battery was deemed bad by a technician so this time it isn’t my tech stupidity. And this is my first robotic vaccuum but with my severe nerve damage and Mom’s arthritis this is pretty much a we need situation. Just curious how well these work or if I’m better off looking at another company for the vaccuum. Thank you.

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I have had mine since it was released. I run it every weekend and have not had any real issues with it. In the beginning, there were some items which caused my Vacuum to go hay wire, but it seems to be working well for me now.

Note: Wyze is currently working on the Firmware to ensure they can get all of the vacuums at the same version without causing issues.


thank you. I’ll give it a go. At least if something goes wrong I have the forums to look for help on it. Is it easy to use for someone’s first robotic vaccuum?

It was for me. You have to let it map your home via a quick map so it knows what it has to do. then you will setup each room or group of rooms with names, and then you can schedule a time for the house to be cleaned by rooms. It will seem random at first, but over time, the vacuum will learn an efficient way to vacuum.

Only issue, could be if you have mirrors low as that could affect the Lidar.

Also note: the replacement parts are not in stock and have not been for some time now. Individuals are looking for 3rd party replacement parts.

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Yea I love mine, it works great. The only main issue I have is if you have boxes laying around that weren’t there when you mapped it can get confused when trying to locate itself. As long as the map is mostly the same as when you originally mapped it there will be no problems.