Robot vacuum issues

This robot vacuum is the dumbest product on the market. I have yet to have it clean a full cycle without getting lost. Or to have it area clean, but instead it cleans the entire house. Or to have twch support send me a brand new robot instead of admitting that the issue is software instead of hardware.

I have no idea why I put up with the constant headache.

Wyze is a Young company that entices one (as to Low Prices) to be Beta Testers for it’s products. I HOPE your vacuum does not Stain your floors (search the form on this). Good Luck.

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I’m also pretty frustrated. The thing was malfunctioning to the point of uselessness for months, and then a beta version of the app was released that did seem to fix the kind of mapping problems you reference. It most worked OK after that, but now it’s back to its old deaf, dumb, and blind behavior. Each time I find myself sending the darn thing back to the charger, and fetching a hand vacuum to do the job myself, I wonder why I bother using one of the sockets on my wall plug to keep the thing charged.


you guys must have received lemons.
All four WRV’s I bought work just fine.

Same issue with the new one they sent.

Is it getting lost in the same place every time?