Who uses the Wyze Car? Is it worth getting?

I couldn’t find a category for this. Can anyone give their experiences with it?


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My primary purpose for getting the car was for being able to inspect the crawl space under my house. The car fits A LOT easier under there than my 260 pound 64 year old body. For the next inspection, I will likely add one of my Pan V3 cameras so I can look up easier.


I use mine mostly just for fun, or to annoy my cats. :joy: It works well. The only downside is that you can’t work the car remotely when away from home. Wish that were possible.


That’s what I was thinking of using it for (besides maybe hanging out with my chickens and birds that come in the yard). The crawl space isn’t that high. I rent my place, but since the rent is really low it would be worth fixing a few things myself. I’m going to have a neighbor go under there and put some insulation under the house. Plus (got permission from landlord), and it would give me an idea of what’s under the house as well (I know a snake had been living under there, too.
But Wyze says it’s only compatible with the V2.

Yes, it is V2 only. and you have to load a custom firmware (done via the app)

Ok. Then how would you use the panV3? Hmm, I have a panV2 corded. Wonder if it would work on the car.

As a second camera. Put it in the “cargo” bed - as I said, mainly for looking up. The car would be unaware of the 2nd camera.

I was one of the first that was able to click the mouse fast enough. Once I got the car, I was disappointed. Sold it on eBay a week later for a little more than I paid for it.

Main complaint was it couldn’t climb. The torque of the motor was not sufficient to climb a 2” curb, which my cheapo Wish car can do easily.

There are kits available to improve the car, but I wasn’t interested in spending more $$ to get the car where I was happy with it.

Then again, my wife says that I am hard to please.


You have to have a regular v2 camera for the car to function. You can set another camera on the back ‘bed’, but controlling the car is all done via the v2 connected to the car.

The wz_mini_hacks has some functions to allow other cams like the PanCam to be used with the car. Don’t have the car so I can’t say anything about how it works.


Come to think of it, I remember now reading about that elsewhere. :unamused:

Ah ok thanks. Yeah, I had wondered if putting another camera on the back would work. But where to plug it in?

Yikes. I’d have to have someone walk me through all that!
I have one V3 not in use at the moment and did think about just setting it just inside the crawlspace opening.

The battery pack I got with the car has two 3A Type-A USB ports. One to power the car and its V2, and one to power a second camera if you like.

Be sure to secure it well, as you don’t want to have to crawl in their to retrieve it if it falls off and unplugs, lol.


No @#$%^&*

Plenty of zip ties…


Good to know!

I was also thinking about getting one for the crawl space and attaching an old Pan to it. What about spotlights? Are there spotlight attachments that I can power by the battery or is that something I would just hooptie it up with?

The ad says it comes with a spotlight. It’s on sale right now too.

The car comes with a light you can turn on and off, but it’s in a fixed position pointing forward.

If you use a V3 Pan I suppose you could zip-tie or rubber-band a small LED flashlight to the top of that. But you would need to come up with a way to keep the flashlight from sliding out when looking up… Maybe double-sided tape too?

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Yeah. That’s what I was thinking. Some sort of spotlight that will move with the Pan. Might be something to consider. Tried to get one of the V2 Black Reconditioned cams to add to a car, but by the time I got to the checkout they were all gone from the Garage Sale. May have to just wait to see if I want another project build.

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