Wyze car camera finally died - need a V2 camera!

Had my Wyze car since July 2021 and used it every once and a while. It was fun! Plugged in the power bank the other day and nothing. Tested the power bank and it seems fine. Went to reset the camera and magic smoke was released :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Some hacker please get a V3 and interface to work with this. Will they ever make V2’s again?

Looking for solutions so I can get my Wyze Car back on the road!


They don’t work well without the magic smoke!
Hmmm, do I want to sell you one of my V2s???

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Welcome back @ppppppat!

Check ebay, number of Black V2’s floating out there NIB.


Did you try Wyze? Out of stock, but listed.


Checked before suggest the ol’ ebays… both white and black show OOS

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You could also try this:

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That seems interesting! Thanks @WildBill

Thanks everyone - I am going to consider ebay if I can find something cheep … or go the hack route suggested below.

All your suggestions were very appreciated!

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